Brisbane Festival 2014

Brisbane Festival 2014
[image supplied]

Familiar pink bunnies of the gargantuan variety have been spotted about town heralding the onset of Brisbane Festival’s fifth season like a pair of eager groundhogs promising an end to the cultural winter. At 10am on Saturday September 6 Brisbane Festival 2014 will kick off at the new Festival Hub,…

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O’Connor and McKenney to star in Anything Goes

Anything Goes - coming to Australia in 2015.

It’s a three-time Tony Award winner, it’s one of the most beloved musicals of all-time, and it’s making its way back to Australia as a co-production between Opera Australia and John Frost. It’ll visit Melbourne in May, Brisbane in July, and Sydney in September… and the cast is pretty amazing!…

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Review: Sugarland – ATYP

Hunter Page Lochard, Dubs Yunupingu, Michael Cameron & Narek Arman. By Tracey Schramm.

Sugarland, written by Rachel Coopes and Wayne Blair, born out of multiple residencies in the remote Northern Territory town of Katherine, is an exercise in capturing what life is like for young people in the area. It is a beautifully-calibrated play, pitched perfectly to the adolescent ear and with a…

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Review: Unholy Ghosts – Griffin

Anna Volska and James Lugton in Unholy Ghosts. Photo by Danielle Lyonne.

What happens to us when our immediate family dies? Are the ties that bind us to the earth irrevocably cut? Do we float anchorless, aimless, without that recognition of blood? Can we still be ourselves if we don’t have a family left to remind us who we are and where…

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The Storm Has Hit

The Tempest - Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble 
[photography: Benjamin Prindable]

The Storm Has Hit A shipwreck on a mysterious island, love, power, politics and a little bit of revenge and magic- Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble do justice to Shakespeare’s last full play, The Tempest. The setting (and weather) for the opening night of this play could not have been better- sitting…

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Third World Blues comes to Gasworks, Melbourne

Third World Blue rehearsal photo. Image by Ange Leggas -Three Fates Media

Young university student, your program is being discontinued. You will be the last to ever be taught here. You have no options in this matter. How do you react? In their first of a three year Musical Theatre program, this question was pointedly thrust towards what would become the graduating…

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Independent Theatre’s Peter and Alice

Cast of Independent Theatre's Peter and Alice. Photo by David Wilson.jpg

Two iconic characters, Peter Pan and Alice (of Wonderland and Looking Glass fame) were both based on real children by their respective authors, J.M.Barrie and Lewis Carroll. The prototypes for the two actually met as adults in June, 1932. This meeting is the inspiration for a new play by John…

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