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Life’s A Circus

Magnormos are a massively talented Melbourne company, and this latest production of Anthony Costanzo’s Life’s A Circus is an example of just how far they are moving along. Local lyricist/composer Costanzo certainly has talent. The script’s plot is somewhat predictable, but then again, maybe I’ve just seen too many musicals. When musicals are written by a performer… Read more.

Sweeney Todd

The demon barber of Fleet Street joins forces with a pie-baker to seek revenge and boost business in London of 1765 as Sweeny Todd slices and sings his way onto the stage in Brisbane. This quality amateur production smacks of professionalism. While shocking and gruesome, the show was tastefully put together and was all class. Sweeny Todd goes… Read more.

A Quick Chat With Trevor Ashley

We catch up with Trevor Ashley, a mainstay Sydney performer and the producer of the hit cabaret night Showqueen Sundays.

Crazy For You

It’s hard enough to resist humming a single Gershwin tune let alone a whole musical full of them. But Crazy For You, created in 1991 by mining the remarkable song-list of brothers George and Ira Gershwin, is the kind of heavenly overload akin to eating a whole packet of chocolate biscuits on your own. One… Read more.

Cats Returns to Australia

John O'Hara as the Rum Tum Tugger

Starring John O’Hara as Rum Tum Tugger, Shaun Rennie as Munkustrap, John Ellis as Old Deuteronomy and Delia Hannah as Grizabella, the Aussie revival of CATS has achieved critical acclaim in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and countless other countries in the Asia Pacific. “It is wonderful that this production is able to showcase the talent of… Read more.