Articles by: Hayley Horton

Hayley has been an arts worker in South Australia for the past ten years working freelance for small to medium clients as well as for companies such as the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, State Theatre Company SA, Urban Myth Theatre of Youth and the Australia Business Arts Foundation. As part of her freelance work, Hayley founded the ATG Curtain Call Awards (which is now an annual gala event), co-produced three 24 Hour Show charity fundraiser events, has judged for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and reviewed for Aussie Theatre and the Adelaide Theatre Guide. In her spare time, Hayley has been involved with Adelaide’s amateur theatre community as a producer, performer and director.

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Between Two Waves at The Bakehouse Theatre

Ellen Steele. Photo by Olivia Zanchetta

It is heartening to see South Australia’s flagship theatre company getting behind some of Adelaide’s most prolific and promising independent artists. The core of this production is distinctly independent, with many emerging and/or freelance artists at the helm, but the solidarity of STCSA is markedly present and hopefully a means…

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OzAsia Festival: Red Sorghum

Red Sorghum. Image supplied.

I know very little about dance. I have not seen a huge amount of dance performances and I have no knowledge of the technical skill required for the various types of dances. Most of my understanding of dance comes from So You Think You Can Dance, which I haven’t watched…

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Jesikah by the State Theatre Company of S.A.

Kate Cheel as Jesikah. Photo by Sia Duff

State Theatre Company SA’s education program is primarily focused on delivering quality theatre to high school students that makes them think, analyse and engage with theatre on many levels. We as the general public get a very small glimpse into this program through just a small handful of performances at…

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I Will Survive the 2014 Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Adelaide Festival Centre at Cabaret Time
Image supplied

It’s getting chilly here in Adelaide. The boots are out, the fire is on, and the credit card is heaving after booking numerous shows for Kate Ceberano’s 3rd and final stint as Artistic Director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Anyone who’s read my work on Aussie Theatre before knows that…

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Adelaide Fringe: I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe

Dawson Nichols. Photo by Jennifer Stewart

Many theatregoers and literary inclined will be well aware of the works of Edgar Allan Poe.  Most notably, The Raven and The Telltale Heart are considered classic pieces and are so high profile they’ve been referenced by The Simpsons – so it must be famous, right? Dawson Nichols plays the…

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Adelaide Fringe: The Syndicate

Bam Bam
Photo: Stitch and

Three performers, each with their unique style and ‘gifts’ present a series of tricks, dances and death-defying stunts, to name just a few: mind reading, burlesque (with a pinch), sword-swallowing, bed of nails, escape artist and contortion. Captain Ruin as the ring-leader commands the audience, but it’s sexy Bam Bam…

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Adelaide Festival: Bigmouth

Valentijn Dhaenens in Bigmouth. Photo by Maya Wilsens

Valentijn Dhaenens has been reading a lot of speeches from world history – in fact, at least one per day for the past year.  The result of his exploration is the 90 minute showcase, Bigmouth. A simple stage with 9 microphones of various shapes and sizes in front of a…

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Adelaide Festival: Kiss of the Chicken King

Oscar McLennan. Photo by Erica Peroni

I’m pretty good at interpreting theatre. Even if I don’t really enjoy a production, I can usually work out what the artist/s are trying to communicate and the reasons for their choices. I don’t “get” Kiss of the Chicken King. The only way to describe this production is “the ramblings…

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Adelaide Fringe: Frank Woodley – Fool’s Gold

Frank Woodley. Image Supplied.

Frank Woodley plays the fool with seemingly little effort. His physicality and bumbling ramblings on the surface may make the superficial feel like they’ve walked into a drunk man’s delusion.  But Woodley’s brand of comedy is much deeper than this and far more whimsical and irreverent. The Arts Theatre is…

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OzAsia Festival: Fight The Landlord

OzAsia Festival: Fight The Landlord

Fight the Landlord (Dou Di Zhu) is a card game primarily for three players. In each hand one player, the “landlord”, plays alone and the others form a team. The landlord’s aim is to be the first to play out all his cards in valid combinations, and the team wins…

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