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True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

Lee and Austin are brothers, but you’d never guess it. Both have taken very different paths in life. Austin, the younger, went to an Ivy League school, worked hard to become a writer and has the traditional wife, kids and picket fence – the American dream. Lee, the elder, has taken a wilder route –… Read more.

Bad Jews – Brisbane season

Bad Jews. Image Supplied.

The night of their grandfather’s funeral, three Jewish cousins (and one of their girlfriends) are spending the night together in a small New York apartment. In the midst of grief, their strained relationships are simmering… Joshua Harmon’s script is well crafted; strongly structured  with very clear, well-written characters.  Skillful exposition is cloaked in dialogue and… Read more.

Mens Rea: The Shifter’s Intent

Mens Rae. Image by Deakin motion.lab and Paul Matthews.

Mens Rea: The Shifter’s Intent is a contemporary dance piece performed and choreographed by Raghav Handa. Mens rea means ‘guilty mind’ in Latin. In a legal context, it means intent. Ironically, the intention of this production was unclear;  I only learned about the show’s intended meaning from the programme after the performance. The show began… Read more.

Hanuman: The Tale Behind the Name


Hanuman, a cheeky child monkey, gets impatient when his mother takes too long finding mangoes for him in the forest. In his hunger, he mistakes the sun for a giant mango and tries to eat it, incurring the wrath of the storm god and jeopardising the world. Originally a commission by Esplanade Theatre on the… Read more.

Brisbane Artists Nominees for Helpmann Awards.

Helpmann Awards Nominations 2016

The 2016 Helpmann Award Nominees were announced on Monday with simultaneous events in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. With Tim Minchin’s musical Matilda garnering the most nominations, Queensland has scored a fantastic number of nominations in this year’s Helpmann Awards. Out of the 41 categories, over 20 Queenslanders/Queensland companies were nominated for accolades. Thuso Lekwape and… Read more.

Little Shop Open for Business

Little Shop of Horrors - QPAC

Quintessential nice guy Seymour works in a failing florist on skid row. He is hapless, invisible and helplessly in love with his beautiful co-worker, Audrey, until one day he discovers a mysterious plant on the sidewalk. As the plant, named Audrey II, grows and attracts throngs of interested people to the florist, suddenly Seymour’s dreams… Read more.

I See Me & Meryl Streep: Interview with Alexandra Keddie

Alexandra Keddie in I See Me And Meryl Streep. Image Supplied.

Meet a 17 year-old girl who doesn’t feel she is like her peers. She doesn’t watch Home and Away or have posters of Zac Efron on her wall. Instead, she watches Sophie’s Choice and has posters of Meryl Streep. She hasn’t found her place in the world yet, but Meryl helps her to believe anything is… Read more.


Switzerland - QTC. Image Supplied.

There is a low hum of people getting to their seats, laughing, settling, catching up with family and friends – suddenly the theatre is plunged into darkness. For several seconds there is a palpable vacuum of noise and light. This is preface of what is to come; a play that is dark and populated by… Read more.

Love and Information – Underground Productions

Love and Information - Underground Productions. Photo Supplied.

Underground Productions, the student theatre company at the University of Queensland, is the latest in Australia tackle Caryl Churchill’s 2012 play Love and Information after last year’s critically acclaimed Sydney Theatre Company/Malthouse co-production. This play consists of 57 short scenes, each of which are designed to comment on how we interact with each other, or with… Read more.

Jenny Wynter in Viking Mama!

Jenny Whinter in Viking Mama. Photo supplied.

Jenny is a Viking mama of three. She keeps a blog about the everyday battles she faces as a parent: from mustering the fortitude to get out of bed, to shopping with children who constantly want things, to dealing with passive-aggressive neighbours who seem to have everything under control. When Jenny forgets to book a… Read more.