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Boys of Sondheim at the MELT Festival

Boys of Sondheim

Sondheim is probably the most well known and respected contemporary writer of musical theatre, and he has long been openly gay. Performed by five men as part of MELT 2017 at Brisbane Powerhouse, Boys of Sondheim is an exploration of the modern day jungle of relationships: from Grindr, to marriage, to breakups. The show started… Read more.

Orpheus and Eurydice – Blue Roo Theatre

Blue Roo Theatre. Photo supplied.

Opera Queensland and Blue Roo Theatre Company joined forces to create a production of Gluck’s opera Orpheus and Eurydice (fun fact:  this is the opera parodied so perfectly by Offenbach’s satirical masterpiece Orpheus in the Underworld). You may well be familiar with the ancient Roman story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Eurydice dies from a snake… Read more.

Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious

Craig Robinson. Image supplied.

Craig Robinson is an American actor/comedian best known for his role as Darryl Philbin on The Office, and for movies such as Hot Tub Time Machine, The Pine-Apple Express and Knocked up.  Robinson actually began his career in stand-up comedy at The Second City in Chicago, and now he’s heading to Australia in December with a… Read more.

Singin’ in the Rain – Brisbane Season

Singing In The Rain. Photography by Darren Thomas.

Singin’ in the Rain is one of the most beloved movie musicals of all time, and a glossy stage production is now making a splash in Brisbane after seasons around the country. Welcome to 1920’s Hollywood and the rise of the talking picture. Don Lockwood (Rohan Browne on opening night- he alternates with Grant Almirall)… Read more.

Sam Strong Launches QTC’s 2017 Programme

Sam Strong Launches QTC’s 2017 Programme

Taking over from Wesley Enoch as Artistic Director of Queensland Theatre Company late last year, Sam Strong delivered Wesley’s last season throughout 2016. There is anticipation crackling in the air as we all pack into a standing room only Billie Brown Studio for the unveiling of the first season Strong has programmed for the company.  … Read more.

True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

Lee and Austin are brothers, but you’d never guess it. Both have taken very different paths in life. Austin, the younger, went to an Ivy League school, worked hard to become a writer and has the traditional wife, kids and picket fence – the American dream. Lee, the elder, has taken a wilder route –… Read more.

A Winter’s Twelfth Night.

Twelfth Night - QSE. Photography: Silvana Macarone.

Twelfth Night is a glorious piece of revelry. When twins Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck, each thinks the other is dead. The story that unfolds has all of Shakespearean comedy classics: mistaken identity, a shipwreck, twins, cross-dressing, a wedding and lots of laughs. Viola loves Duke Orsino, who loves Countess Olivia, who loves Viola… Read more.

Bad Jews – Brisbane season

Bad Jews. Image Supplied.

The night of their grandfather’s funeral, three Jewish cousins (and one of their girlfriends) are spending the night together in a small New York apartment. In the midst of grief, their strained relationships are simmering… Joshua Harmon’s script is well crafted; strongly structured  with very clear, well-written characters.  Skillful exposition is cloaked in dialogue and… Read more.

Mens Rea: The Shifter’s Intent

Mens Rae. Image by Deakin motion.lab and Paul Matthews.

Mens Rea: The Shifter’s Intent is a contemporary dance piece performed and choreographed by Raghav Handa. Mens rea means ‘guilty mind’ in Latin. In a legal context, it means intent. Ironically, the intention of this production was unclear;  I only learned about the show’s intended meaning from the programme after the performance. The show began… Read more.

Hanuman: The Tale Behind the Name


Hanuman, a cheeky child monkey, gets impatient when his mother takes too long finding mangoes for him in the forest. In his hunger, he mistakes the sun for a giant mango and tries to eat it, incurring the wrath of the storm god and jeopardising the world. Originally a commission by Esplanade Theatre on the… Read more.