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Ballet Preljocaj – Snow White

Snow White. Image supplied.

When the Queensland Performing Arts Centre first opened its doors in 1985, Angelin Preljocaj was founding a ballet company with two other dancers on the other side of the world in France. Today Ballet Preljocaj is internationally acclaimed, with Preljocaj being commissioned to work with some of the world’s leading artists at La Scala, The New York… Read more.

Concerto for Harmony and Presto

Concerto for Harmony and Presto. Photo Supplied.

Harmony (Liz Skitch) loves to sing and dance. Her family has fallen upon hard times, but instead of selling their gramophone as planned, she sets it up in the street and begins to busk. Just as she is getting into her groove, Presto (Don Voyage) arrives with his tinker’s cart of all sorts of objects… Read more.

The Sound of Music – Brisbane season

Amy Lehpamer as Maria, with the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music. Photography by James Morgan.

The London Palladium production of Rogers and Hammerstein’s classical musical with its beloved songs (‘Do-Re-Mi’, ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’, ‘Edelweiss’) is now in Sydney and may bring the iconic, true story of the Von Trapp family to life for a new generation. The highlights of this production are definitely the Von Trapp children. They are all… Read more.

Rhys Nicholson – Bona Fide

Rhys Nicholson. Photo Supplied.

”You know when you’re half-asleep and someone proposes to you really badly?”, well Rhys Nicholson does. Fresh off a successful stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Rhys is back in Australia with his new show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. As a 25 year old, Rhys is surrounded by friends getting engaged and married –… Read more.

Aunty Donna – Brisbane Comedy Festival

Aunty Donna. Photo Supplied.

I had never heard of Aunty Donna until last week. From the array of shows at the Brisbane Comedy Festival I decided to see it because it was billed on the Powerhouse website as a ‘glorious crossbreed of The Mighty Boosh and Flight of the Conchords’ [sic]. “Hoorah!” I cried. “Loveable characters! Catchy music replete… Read more.

Tripod 101 Hits – Brisbane Comedy Festival

Tripod. Photo Supplied.

It’s been twenty years since Tripod first got together, appearing on Red Faces to expose, hilariously, the fact that Oasis reused the same chords in all their major songs. To celebrate, they have launched a book of sheet music for Tripod 101 Hits and kicked off an Australian tour at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. Armed with a… Read more.

The Secret River – QTC

The Secret River - QTC. Image Supplied.

If the palpable silence that descended with the curtain and persisted until everyone filtered out of the theatre is any indication, QTC’s The Secret River packs an emotional and intellectual punch. In Colonial Australia, racism is rife. White people do not understand Aboriginals and therefore fear them. Englishman William Thornhill has been shipped out to… Read more.

A muse to seek: Young QLD performing arts students showcase their wares for one night only


For one night only, the Performing Arts, Film and Television (ASPA-FTV) school are showcasing their Creative Theatre Production course with the student devised work, Music: A Muse to Seek. Amanda Hardwick, co-founder and Artistic Director of ASPA-FTV, explains that their company motto is ‘learn through doing’ so creating the show is a collaborative process. The… Read more.

Review: Knock Knock

Knock Knock - ACPA. Image Supplied.

A door is something very symbolic. A closed door can mean security, entrapment, an ending or the unknown. An open door can mean hope, beginnings, unknown possibilities. Knock Knock – the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts’ (ACPA) end of year show – centres around these various meanings and roles that a door can have in our… Read more.

Review: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple - Queensland Theatre Company

Pulitzer prize winner Neil Simon’s play The Odd Couple was the precursor to the beloved ‘70s TV show. While I can’t compare it to the TV show (before my time), the play is an enjoyable stand-alone night of tender comedy (think a modern day Noel Coward, if you aren’t familiar with Simon’s wok). Oscar and… Read more.