If you have time, you waste it

It’s Tuesday the 6th of May. I’m writing a column! This is a novel experience for the year; an unprecedented venture and let’s face it, the possibilities are endless. WHO KNOWS what I might have been doing during my online absence. I might have been riding elephants in Zimbabwe, or parachuting from dizzying heights in Mesopotamia! I… Read more.

Self devising in silver spandex and a red nose

I’m starting to think that all of this children’s teaching is turning me into a five year old. At the very least, it’s changing the way I think. I’ve been staring at the computer trying to write a column and instead I’ve written an acrostic poem and a short story in rhyming couplets. I’m genuinely… Read more.

Kate Walder: Back home and back in the sh*t

Hi everyone, So I’m home; Sydney, Australia. Paris est fini. Et je suis triste mais aussi relieved. I don’t know what the word for 'relieved' is in French so I’m just going to continue inserting English words into French sentences instead of actually looking them up. It’s more fun. And also speaking French properly changes… Read more.

Drawing the line

I have to say, it’s a very strange thing going to drama school in the fashion capital of the world. We all know the kind of dress sense that the studying of theatre induces, and it seems to be some sort of cruel joke or absurd parody that I have to walk around from Monday to… Read more.

A Swami, a Rabbi and a Bouffon walk into a drama school…

Bonjour! I’m still in Paris. I’m still homeless. And I’m still doing backflips and playing Simon Says every day. Well actually Philippe calls it “Samuel Says” because that’s his son’s name. And Philippe does whatever the hell he wants. Traditionally the game involves tapping different parts of your body according to the teacher’s instructions and… Read more.

Goodbye Bruce, or Hello new beginnings

Hello everyone and welcome to the weird and wonderful workings of my mind after three weeks of Philippe Gaulier. Let’s cut to the chase; I don’t know who I am anymore. I mean, I still look like me. Even after a month of pastry and wine and cheese I am still managing to look like… Read more.

Clowning around in gay (and European) Paris

Bonjour! Oui oui! Je suis à Pareeeeeeee! Translation: I’m in Paris. I can’t believe it. I don’t know how I ended up here. The last few months just flew; I had a birthday, did a brief season of Doctor Who at the Opera House as a vampire, ate my way through Christmas and New Years,… Read more.

Send in my clown, Martha the Unavoidable

Good morning all! I hope you've had a lovely week. I've had a great one. Except for the part where I caught the bubonic plague and had to shoot new headshots with half the skin peeling off my nose and my eyes so glassy I looked like a goldfish. Apparently no amount of make up… Read more.

How to write a show in 5 steps

Hi everyone, The moment of truth has come. I’ve explored picking a theme each week. I’ve explored being irreverent and self-deprecating and I’ve explored being profound. AND I’M BORED WITH THEM ALL. I have been deliberating with much angst over what I’m going to write about each week and I have finally decided, after a… Read more.