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Blake Bowden & Phil Scott: Mario – Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2014

The loss of young artists before their time is certainly not a modern phenomenon – Mario Lanza, the American-Italian tenor superstar, passed away at the age of just 38. In Blake Bowden & Phil Scott: Mario, the tale of his meteoric rise to fame, and his mysterious demise, is explored with sweeping brush strokes. From… Read more.

Picture Perfect at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival has showcased the diversity of the cabaret genre with Scott Evan Davis’ song cycle, Picture Perfect. The rolling musical journey explores the reality behind the ‘picture perfect’ façade we attempt to present to the world – the truth behind the “perfectly composed family portrait.” Given that this song cycle has already… Read more.

David Campbell Sings John Bucchino – Adelaide Cabaret Festival

A brilliant musical duo requires an unspoken understanding and a perfect balance between artists. When it comes to the music, David Campbell and John Bucchino, longtime friends and collaborators, have got it just right. David Campbell Sings John Bucchino is an intimate and personal affair that showcases the voice of our local hero, David Campbell,… Read more.

Yon and His Prism of Sexy Thoughts

The wholesome family fun of Australian comedy trio, Tripod, has entertained audiences for 17 years. Yon, one third of the trio, has evidently yearned to have his voice heard without the corrupting influence of his mates. At the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, his wish has finally come true, in the shape of his new solo show,… Read more.

Colin Hay: Waiting for my Real Life

Colin Hay

A unique rendition of Down Under, as recorded by the South Australian Primary Schools’ Band, was a perfect way to introduce Colin Hay’s new show, Waiting for my Real Life, to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The show is a demonstration of vocal individuality and songwriting mastery, and a comedic autobiographical journey. Marking the 47th anniversary… Read more.

Freedman Does Nilsson – Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Tim Freedman

Freedman Does Nilsson­ is an engrossing exposé of Harry Nilsson, one of America’s greatest singer-songwriters, performed by Tim Freedman, one of Australia’s greatest singer-songwriters. The production is another ‘biopic cabaret’ and the result – a ‘live imagining’ of a Nilsson concert – is fascinating. Harry Nilsson, a shy, enigmatic legend of popular music, was the creative spark… Read more.

Rachael Beck – This Girl

The success or failure of an autobiographical cabaret show is not dependent on the person’s achievements, scandals or even their prominence. Of course, scandals sell tabloids, but honesty and humility are the key ingredients in this delicate cabaret form. Rachael Beck, one of the darlings of Australian musical theatre, always performs with honesty and humility,… Read more.

Anthony Warlow and Faith Prince – Direct from Broadway

Year after year the Adelaide Cabaret Festival showcases the best of the best – the crème de la crème of cabaret and musical theatre. This year the excitement and anticipation in the packed-to-the-rafters Adelaide Festival Theatre was palpable. Who wouldn’t get excited at the prospect of hearing Anthony Warlow’s impossibly brilliant voice, or Faith Prince’s… Read more.

Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs

There’s no sense in confusing matters with complicated band names or witty show titles. Australian audiences want fair dinkum. We like to know what to expect. Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs may be a simple and self-explanatory title, but this creative collaboration between Eddie Perfect and Tripod is musically exciting, extremely funny, and anything but bland…. Read more.

Rhonda Burchmore: Vinyl Viagra

Rhonda Burchmore in Vinyl Viagra

The vixens of vinyl were unleashed in Rhonda Burchmore’s vibrant and vivacious new show, Vinyl Viagra. Burchmore certainly succeeds in ‘making temperatures soar and hearts race’ as she channels the sex appeal and songs of divas through the ages. Rhonda Burchmore, a permanent fixture in the list of Australian theatre greats, does not grace the… Read more.