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A Streetcar Named Desire rides into La Boite.

A Street Car Named Desire - La Boite Theatre. Photography: Jeff Busby.

An achingly slow ceiling fan stirs trouble into the pea-soup air of a musty, humid summer on Elysian Fields, the allegorical destination of Blanche Dubois (Bridie Carter) – Elysian, referencing the land of the dead.  Dubois’ ‘desires’ apparently lead her right there as she arrives destitute at her sister Stella’s (Ngoc Phan) home, seeking sanctuary… Read more.

Hanako – Brisbane Festival

Hanako. Image Supplied.

The image of Loie Fuller’s billowing flower-like, pink-hued sleeves captured in the 1896 film La Danze Serpentine by the Lumiere brothers is infamous even a hundred years later. This hypnotic image is the starting link in a surprising chain that stretches back to a famous writer in 15th century Japan, caught between his western celebrity and… Read more.

Straight White Men at La Boite

Straight-White-Male - La Boite. Image: Kate Pardey.

La Boite’s  Straight White Men, now playing at the Roundhouse theatre, seems an unlikely pick for this progressive company – but this is echoed in Young Jean Lee’s genesis for the play. She started by asking herself a question: “‘What’s the last show in the world I would ever want to make?’ and a play about… Read more.

We Get It!

We Get It. Image Supplied.

Perfectly balanced between provocation and parody, We Get It! (Rachel Perk, Marcel Dorney) burst onto the stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse last week with a brash and pointed reminder about the experiences of women in theatre. This powerful show is a satirical take-down of a culture that still objectifies and demeans its female counterparts in… Read more.

A Slight Ache & The Lover

A Slight Ache & The Lover. Image Supplied.

First performed in 1963, Harold Pinter’s The Lover is a superbly clever play with a fast paced wit that easily entertains the twitter-impaired attention span of today’s audience. Under the subtle and eloquent direction of Now Look Here Theatre’s Kate Wild, The Lover is paired with the simmeringly dark A Slight Ache to form a powerful… Read more.


Black - EDC. Photo supplied.

Black is a collection of three short contemporary dance works created by the Expressions Dance Company (EDC) and Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC) as part of the Chinese Australian Dance Exchange Project 2015-2020. EDC travelled to Guangzhou in 2015 for the creation of their third collaboration (and title) piece with fifteen dancers from GMDC and… Read more.

Quartet – QTC


Ageing seems to be all about loss: physical ability, looks, and sharpness-of-mind’ and for those that have known the adoration of ‘the public’, they also lose their talent, their identity and their value. Written by Ronald Harwood (The Dresser, The Pianist), Quartet, directed by Andrea Moor opened the Queensland Theatre Company’s (QTC) 2016 season to… Read more.

Brisbane queers and their peers come together at MELT Festival Brisbane 2016

Brisbane queers and their peers come together at MELT Festival Brisbane 2016

From Carlotta to Cat Power and everything in between. It’s the time of year again when Brisbane queers and their peers get together and Melt. As Brisbane’s answer to the Mardi Gras festival, The MELT festival returns to the Brisbane Powerhouse (February 3-14) after a hugely successful maiden year boasting an additional three community events… Read more.

Ladies in Black

Ladies in Black - Queensland Theatre Company

The Queensland Theatre Company (QTC) continues to deliver on its promise of a diverse 2015 program by dipping its toe into the traditional musical arena, but don’t let appearances fool you. With this fabulously dark adaptation (by Carolyn Burns) of Madeleine St John’s novel, The Women in Black, QTC once again turns expectations on their head,… Read more.

A Trashy Evening With the Retrofuturists

The Retrofuturists

Three trashy little glam-spunks from a distant and glitzy future, gate-crashed the Wonderland Festival at the Powerhouse this month and they came to us with a warning about Tony Abbott and man-eating penguins and it’s not the delightful image that is currently bringing a grin to your face. There was however plenty to smile about… Read more.