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Clancestry, A Celebration of Country

Clancestry 2014
Photo:  Jo-Anne Driessens

Clancestry, A Celebration of Country returns to Brisbane’s cultural precinct next month to celebrate the arts and cultural practices of the world’s First Nations Peoples. After a strong launch in 2013 that saw over ten thousand people attend, not only braving but relishing what is becoming ‘unpredictable February’ on the…

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Vivien Leigh’s School for Scandal

School For Scandal - Heartbeast Vicious Theatre Ensemble

First performed in the 1770s, School for Scandal (by Richard Brinsley Sheridan) is a witty, frolicking play about the gossipy misbehaviour of the well-to-do’s who twist and turn the truth to scheme and cheat each other for their own gain. Vivien Leigh’s School for Scandal (adapted by Michael Beh, Brian…

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R&J: La Boite Indie & The Breadbeard Collective

><R&J - La Boite & The Breadbeard Collective

“I think what a lot of adaptations miss is the essence and energy of youth. We are taking a play about sex, love, violence and death and letting it be sexy, violent, deadly and as obsessed with love as only the young can be” Kat O’Sullivan, Producer, ><R&J. There couldn’t…

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Darcy O and the BrowBeat Factory

Darcy O and the BrowBeat Factory - Blue Roo Theatre Company INC

Blue Roo Theatre Company INC, known for their socially relevant productions involving actors with various disabilities, performed their latest production Darcy O and the BrowBeat Factory at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts over three performances in early September. The audience sits and absorbs the set design as the…

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Design for Living: Queensland Theatre Company

Design For Living - QTC

Wesley Enoch has Designs on you! I had a moment part way through Queensland Theatre Company’s (QTC) final production for the year; I stepped outside myself and looked at the laughing audience and thought: this is what people mean when they talk of the brilliance of Broadway; this is what…

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Review: All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up - Powerhouse

At first, I thought I’d accidentally walked into the rehearsals of Grindr: A Love Story? But I was actually amongst the audience for All Dolled Up which played at the Powerhouse, Thursday through Friday last week. All Dolled Up is an ultra candid stand-up cum ‘performance lecture’ cum wee reminiscent…

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Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour

The King of Pop’s legend lives on. Whether you loved him or loathed him, there is little doubt that Michael Jackson was a genius of rare calibre who shaped not only the music industry but the entire world for most of his short life. Even in death he will continue…

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The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz - La Boite & The Danger Ensemble

Dorothy’s Fabulous Friends. Naturally, we entered the theatre by following the yellow brick road and the niggling magic of childhood welled up inside as we first clamped eyes on the marvellous hyper-colour set complete with the fabulous Margi Brown Ash busy inside her caravan. As an early arrival, it was…

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Aurelian - Metro Arts

It’s awkward as an audience member to feel as if you have walked in on a private therapy session, but then the act of baring ones heart and emotions on stage does run this very risk. Aurelian by Genevieve Trace, which recently played at Metro Arts for the Brisbane Festival…

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