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The Untouchable Juli

Juli - Fractal Theatre

Something sensational is happening in Ipswich; a cultural revolution of sorts at the hands of independent theatre company Fractal Theatre and Artistic Director Brenna Lee-Cooney. This is a call-out to all Brisbanites who claim to support independent theatre. Ipswich is not as far away as you remember from your horse-and-cart youth and there is something… Read more.

Review: Medea at La Boite

Christen O’Leary and Damien Cassidy in Medea - La Boite Theatre Company. Photography by Dylan Evans.

A gothic chorus softly sings and chants. It’s dark and ominous, there is a large circle of candles at various stages of annihilation, and inside the circle a heavy oak table supports a massive candelabra that looks like it is crafted from an imploded papasan chair. Medea (Christen O’Leary) enters the circle and begins her… Read more.

Enoch Exits QTC bound for Sydney Festival

Wesley Enoch - QTC

After five ground-breaking years at the helm of Queensland Theatre Company (QTC), the much loved and respected Wesley Enoch has resigned his position to step in as Director of Sydney Festival in 2017. The first indigenous head of a state theatre company, Enoch has directed six projects for the festival since 2000 (Black Diggers in… Read more.

Review: My Love has a Black Speed Stripe

My Love has a Black Speed Stripe - Fractal Theatre. Image Supplied.

“Love me, love my Holden. I laid that on the line to the missus before we were spliced.” Perhaps a lost classic on the Australian Literary scene, Henry Williams’ 1973 novel My Love has a Black Speed Stripe immortalises an Australian mammal that is verging on extinction. There are a few enclaves where the car-obsessed male of the species – the ‘Aussie’ – still holds out for… Read more.

Review: Samson by La Boite Theatre

Samson - La Boite Theatre. Photo Supplied.

Samson was developed by emerging playwright Julia Rose-Lewis during her Artist-in-Residence at La Boite in 2013 and is currently in its premiere season under the direction of Kristine Landon-Smith at the La Boite Roundhouse in Kelvin Grove. Samson is a poignant story about the emotional landscape of youth set against the stark and lonely terrain… Read more.

Review: Hot Brown Honey

Hot Honey Brown

It’s a man’s world – we are reminded by the divine opening number for the suave burlesque cabaret show Hot Brown Honey, but as the highbrow blend of dance, poetry, circus and striptease really gets going under the political hip-hop guidance of queen-of-cool emcee Busty Beatz, we’re very quickly consumed by a world that is… Read more.

Queensland Theatre’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Queensland Theatre’s Reconciliation Action Plan

Relationships, Respect and Opportunities – these are the key objectives set out by the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) that was launched by Wesley Enoch this March, and who better than the ground-breaking Queensland Theatre Company (QTC) team, winners of the 2013 QLD Premier’s Reconciliation Award, to lead the charge toward lasting change. The RAP is… Read more.

Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

One late summer evening in the dimmed, pooling light of La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre, a brave Ben Schostakowski (director) polishes up the most performed and endeared of Shakespeare plays and gloriously messes around with it. With flagrant disregard for traditionalists and dullards, he picks up the Athenian lovers and mischievous fairies of A Midsummer Night’s… Read more.

Review: The Travelling Sisters

Beneath the floorboards of a new Brisbane venue – the Padre Dive Bar – a sisterhood of three fine young women held an audience captive for an evening to showcase a collection of their best sketches and musical comedy numbers. The Travelling Sisters, outfitted in animal-printed pants, conjured up through music, comedy and animation, a… Read more.

Review: The Seagull

When a work is immortalised as a classic, it is because the story portrayed continues to speak to new generations whose experiences live on inside the writer’s words. The word ‘classic’ however can be daunting for potential audiences who feel they might not be able to understand a Shakespeare or a Chekhov or might be… Read more.