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 TED stands for Technology, Design and Entertainment and it is a non-profit organisation that is set up to change the world through the dissemination of information. It started, in 1984, as a one off conference in California to which they invited some of the most gifted thinkers of the time to give a presentation lasting no longer that 18 minutes. They were asked to present their ideas in the most innovative engaging way they could.

Their mission statement pretty much sums up their aim:
“We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we’re building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world’s most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other.”

What grew from this first conference is now a global movement. They still hold the event annually in California, but now they also have Asian and European conferences, and an international travelling arm known as Ted Global.

Their guests have included Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bill Gates, Richard Dawkins and Tony Robbins, just to mention a few. I found the Tony Robbins video particularly interesting as I have obviously heard about him, but dismissed his stuff as being odd and cult like. What I saw was very valid and well thought out presentation on what makes humans do what they do. I guess that’s not surprising at all really, considering he is the most famous life coach in the world, but still, for some reason it did surprise me. It’s possible I’m a little dense! I was so impressed I even posted it on my own blog over at Emptyhead Designs.

The best part for us, is that over 700 of the lectures have been videoed and available for free on the TED website – www.ted.com. This includes some brilliant resources for actors, including people like Patsy Rodenburg, J.J. Abrams and a great interview with Sakhar Kapur, the director of Elizabeth, about the fact he comes up with creativity through sheer, utter panic. Through chaos.

Their is also an iPhone app and a really great iPad app that streams the videos to you and allows you to create play lists and follow a train of thought trough all sorts of linked videos.

It might inspire you, it might entertain you, and it might make you think a little deeper. I highly recommend it.

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