10 things you didn’t know about Australian Theatre

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This fun little tidbit showed up yesterday in a London blog and I adored it and couldn’t help but share it with you all! My good friend Andy Conaghan (last seen on Australian stages in South Pacific and currently appearing in the West End production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels) brought it to my attention. Thanks Andy –… Read more.

If you have time, you waste it

It’s Tuesday the 6th of May. I’m writing a column! This is a novel experience for the year; an unprecedented venture and let’s face it, the possibilities are endless. WHO KNOWS what I might have been doing during my online absence. I might have been riding elephants in Zimbabwe, or parachuting from dizzying heights in Mesopotamia! I… Read more.

An open letter to artists: know your worth

This week, something horrible and something wonderful happened in our industry. Horribly, a request from an American company was sent to Australian agents and dance schools seeking dancers for a new Kylie Minogue video clip stating that, due to budget constraints, these dancers would not be paid. There have been many reports in the media about this issue… Read more.

‘Whatever Happened to the Music?’ – A Culture of Concious Neglect

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Recently, an article on’s Daily Review created a lot of discussion within the music theatre industry by posing the question of whether home-grown musicals received the creative support they needed within the Australian theatre industry. With critics citing Aussie made musicals like Miracle City, Summer Rain and Keating as examples of the “Great Australian Musicals”… Read more.

King Kong time lapse makeup video

King Kong time lapse makeup video

Over the weekend, I came across this gorgeous video made by King Kong cast mates Samm Hagen and Hayley Martin – and I wanted to share it with AussieTheatre readers. For anyone interested in the backstage workings of a major musical – this is a must see! Samm and Hayley talk us through their makeup and… Read more.