A Quick Chat With Erin Cornell

Erin Cornell is currently appearing in Wicked in Japan. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? When i was little my nan was in The Sweet Adelines Barber shop group. I always dreamed when i was older i would join and become a sweet Adeline. I loved the sound,… Read more.

Shining Career Takes Another Step Forward

While recently cooped up in a small Chinese hotel, drinking a glass of red and savouring my precious wheel of Camembert, I set about looking for some relaxing music on my computer. A friend recommended an album she had recently purchased on iTunes – Till The Night Is Gone. Thankfully, it was the perfect addition to my… Read more.

A Quick Chat With Ross Hannaford

We catch up with Ross Hannaford from Wicked. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up? I have always been surrounded by theatre, with three older sisters who danced and parents who were really supportive and encouraging of a career in theatre. Working in musicals as a child had a… Read more.

20 Gory Years

Celebrating 20 years of Brechtian-punk, The Tiger Lillies begin their Australian tour of Songs from Shockheaded Peter and Other Gory Verses on July 24 in Sydney, before visiting Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Darwin. Anne-Marie Peard spoke with founder Martyn Jacques about his inspirations and his quest for originality. Like anything truly addictive and mind altering,… Read more.

Statement Cabaret Lounge

Cabaret in Sydney has always been somewhat of an errant child, never really settling down but always finding a market that has seen at least one permanent venue able to survive, at least for a little while. In 2003, when the City of Sydney cut the Sydney Cabaret Convention, the genre suffered a massive blow…. Read more.

The Criterion Theatre

The intersection of Park and Pitt Streets Sydney has a colourful history, writes AussieTheatre.com history correspondent, LEANN RICHARDS… In the 1860s the South East Corner was occupied by a poetical basket maker. He used his skills to make rhyming advertisements to attract customers. 20 years later this corner became the home of one of Sydney’s… Read more.