Show Profiles

Cabaret in the Day 2015 at Mosman Art Gallery

Christine Douglas as Gladys Moncrieff in Our Glad, one of the three productions in the Cabaret in the Day season.

“I’m absolutely, irrepressibly optimistic about this season,” says Melvyn Morrow. Morrow has contributed his writing skills to a wide range of media (television, radio, stage) and a wide range of genres (comedy, cabaret, musicals including Dusty and SHOUT!). His play, Vice, looked at sexual abuse in private schools and recently finished its successful season at… Read more.

Experimental Freshworks at Old 505 Theatre

Freshworks, at the Old 505 Theatre, Surry Hills.

Sex. Death. Memory. Loss. Greed. Oh, and women’s Olympic boxing. The 2015 Freshworks season at the Old 505 Theatre in Surry Hills taps into the profound concerns that have driven theatre since the days of Greek tragedy—and addresses modern-day themes as well. But the productions in Freshworks experiment with the ways they push and poke at these… Read more.

Rotunda: Brass band, dance remembers ANZAC pain

NZDC Rotunda. Photo by John McDermott

“I want to make work that anybody can understand and connect with,” says Shona McCullagh, chief executive and artistic director of the New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC). Case in point: Rotunda, the company’s first full-length production, a fresh and different kind of commemoration of the ANZAC centenary. It makes an unmistakably emotional impact—even on the… Read more.

Birdie Productions debuts with Hot Shoe Shuffle

Daryl Somers (Max), Erin Bruce (April) and Luke Alleva (Spring), Birdie Productions Hot Shoe Shuffle. 
Photo Grant Leslie, Perfect Images.

“A brave act in itself.” That’s how television veteran Daryl Somers described the birth of Birdie Productions, a new Bankstown-based independent theatre company launched by Executive Producer Rodney Bertram and his wife Pearl. The story of how the company’s first production Hot Shoe Shuffle came together glows with the sunny optimism of an old-time show-business musical. The show will… Read more.

Vice: a play ripped from the headlines

Ben McCann in Vice.

Melvyn Morrow’s new play is about to open at Newtown’s King Street Theatre, and it has a distinct “ripped from the headlines” feel. Centred around horrific reality of sexual assault in private schools and written by a former school teacher, this show is set to be a reflection of the darker side of the world… Read more.