Shamelessly Glitzy Work

With sequinned curtains, buckets of confetti, lasers and lumpy goop, post’s Shamelessly Glitzy Work is shameless in its glitz and fearless in its attitude. Zoe Coombs Marr, Mish Grigor and Natalie Rose formed post in 2004, after meeting at Pact Youth Theatre’s imPACT ensemble in Sydney, and haven’t stopped creating since. Their first full length… Read more.

Tim Draxl – Under The Influence

It has been four years since Tim Draxl last appeared on the Sydney cabaret stages, and judging by the excellence of his new show Under The Influence, it has been four years too long. The suave, sexy Draxl is sporting an American accident after more than three years of living in Los Angeles, but his crystal… Read more.


Ninety minutes is a short time, especially when it’s all you have to try and rekindle the romantic flame with your estranged partner. Isabel and William’s past is a turbulent one and during the one and a half rotations of the round stage, they re-live the happiness and hardships of their relationship. The hitch is,… Read more.


“We want to make work that some people love; not work that everyone will like,” explained Claire Marshall at a Q & A after Forced Entertainment’s second Melbourne performance of Spectacular. Forced Entertainment (from Sheffield in the UK) were last in here for the 2005 Melbourne International Arts Festival with the bloody magnificent Bloody Mess. Seemingly anarchic… Read more.


Dusting off a dubious, rather maligned play like Pericles is a bold choice for any company. But rather than pretend this is the bard at his best, Bell Shakespeare has chosen to embrace the play, warts and all – almost deliberately and affectionately exposing its flaws. In the program notes, director John Bell tells us… Read more.

Bugger The Polar Bears, This Is Serious Is

New Ballroom, Trades Hall Wednesday, August 5 Rod Quantock is a stalwart of Australian comedy, an immovable object in a world of unstoppable forces. Over the years he’s done everything from the telly show Australia, You’re Standing In It to ads for Cap’n Snooze, and his live performances have involved everything from bus tours to… Read more.

At The Centre Of Light

The story of Mary MacKillop, an Australian woman who dedicated her life to God and the underprivileged in the 1800s is, indeed, an inspiring one. At the Centre Of Lightretells Mary’s story highlighting her struggle with, and triumph over, the many faces of authority. At the Centre Of Light is a first-rate production, from the simple yet… Read more.

Life’s A Circus

Magnormos are a massively talented Melbourne company, and this latest production of Anthony Costanzo’s Life’s A Circus is an example of just how far they are moving along. Local lyricist/composer Costanzo certainly has talent. The script’s plot is somewhat predictable, but then again, maybe I’ve just seen too many musicals. When musicals are written by a performer… Read more.

Sweeney Todd

The demon barber of Fleet Street joins forces with a pie-baker to seek revenge and boost business in London of 1765 as Sweeny Todd slices and sings his way onto the stage in Brisbane. This quality amateur production smacks of professionalism. While shocking and gruesome, the show was tastefully put together and was all class. Sweeny Todd goes… Read more.