Dolores — Old Fitzroy Theatre

Kate Box in Dolores. Photo by Rupert Reid

Dolores at The Old Fitz Theatre is the most fulfilling 45 minutes of theatre you can get in Sydney right now. Edward Allan Baker’s script and Red Line Productions’ premiere offering is so tantalizing and so well book-ended that one act is enough. There’s no need for a three-hour theatre…

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Review: Tukre’, Riverside, Parramatta

Raghav Handa in Tukre'. Photograph by Gregory Lorenzutti.

Raghav Handa shines both as choreographer and performer in Tukre’, an extraordinary solo work. As the piece unfolds, he explores, questions and embraces multiple layers of his identity. Inspired by his Indian family heritage, he brings together Kathak dance from Northern India and modern contemporary dance. A note in the program explains…

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Summer of the Seventeenth Doll in Adelaide

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. Photo by Shane Reid

Just about every Australian knows about “The Doll”, but not everyone has had the opportunity to see it. It is a play that has become part of Australia’s history and psyche and one that every Australian should see. Geordie Brookman admirably directs this production in the play’s 60th anniversary year,…

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Review: QTC’s Brisbane

Dash Kruck in Brisbane - Queensland Theatre Company. Image Supplied.

It’s 1942. Danny is 14. He writes stories, dodges bullies on the way home from school and dreams of flying in the air force like his big brother, Frank. While stories of war are nothing new, Matthew Ryan’s Brisbane eschews the usual approach of ‘us versus the enemy’ but instead…

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Review: Teenage Dreams

Josh Devata in Teenage Dreams

Wow! What a fabulous diva-tastic night out! The audience were in hysterics from the beginning till the very end. In a typical diva like presentation, Josh RH Daveta delivered an engaging and spectacular cabaret show at the Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse. What an appropriate venue for this amazing performer to…

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Review: Vice, King Street Theatre

Benjamin Mc Cann and Jess Loudon  in Vice. Photo by Thomas Adams.

Vice, Melvyn Morrow’s new play about sexual assault in the private school system, has taken up residence in the small King Street Theatre in Newtown. It’s a play that insists on “scandal” in every line. Not suggests. Insists. Unfortunately, that’s all it really does. Morrow’s play is dripping with innuendo and loaded…

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Le Noir – The Dark Side of Cirque in Adelaide

Le Noir - The Dark Side of Cirque [image supplied]

My hand is getting better now and I have picked up my jaw from the floor of the Festival Theatre. The strength of my wife’s tense grip on my hand through this jaw dropping spectacle surprised me, but not as much as this astounding performance did. The Festival Theatre was…

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MICF: Dave Warneke Dates The Entire Audience

Dave Warneke & Sam Peterson

I’ve heard of double-dating but this is ridiculous. Dave Warneke makes us feel like we’re the most beautiful audience in the world for one very special night of passion and romance in Dave Warneke Dates The Entire Audience, appearing at The Tuxedo Cat as part of the 2015 Melbourne International…

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MICF: 2 Man 3 Musketeers

Pajama Men

1625. France. A young man named d’Artagnan feeds chickens on his family farm and wistfully pines for a different life, one of excitement, valour and duty as a member of the famed Musketeers of the King’s Guard… Then his father turns into an egg, and Alexandre Dumas’s classic is yanked…

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