He Said/She Said

He Said She Said. Photo supplied.

It’s not often you can tell funny-slash-embarrassing stories about your partner, in front of them AND an entire audience, and get away with it. Radio personalities, comedians, husband and wife team, Stav (Hit105) and Katrina Davidson (612ABC) bear all their hilariously dirty laundry, leaving no bed sheet unturned, all in the name of entertainment. Their debut show… Read more.

A Trashy Evening With the Retrofuturists

The Retrofuturists

Three trashy little glam-spunks from a distant and glitzy future, gate-crashed the Wonderland Festival at the Powerhouse this month and they came to us with a warning about Tony Abbott and man-eating penguins and it’s not the delightful image that is currently bringing a grin to your face. There was however plenty to smile about… Read more.


Samantha Leigh Dodemaide in Blue Saint Productions' Violet. Image by Grant Leslie Photography

Violet tells the story of a girl searching for something to make her feel complete, yet ultimately along the way she learns to love herself. It’s a story we can all connect with in some way or another, and its powerful message is driven home with a meaningful emotional impact. Hayes Theatre Co has a… Read more.

Les Miserables, Brisbane

Photo by Matt Murphy

Les Misérables has been rousing audiences to their feet all around the world for more than 30 years. I remember listening to the 6-album vinyl records over and over because the music was just so powerful, before even watching the show. I believe it was my first taste of music theatre and experience of the power it can… Read more.

Big West Festival: Week Two

Big Wes tFestival. 7412 Kilometres of Relations

Tennessee Mynott-Rudland spent her second weekend at the Big West Festival. 7412 Kilometres of Relations Felix Ching Ching Ho & Big West Festival 28 November 2015 VU at Metro West Felix Ching Ching Ho and Natasha Phillips both call Hong Kong home, so when an outbreak of protests, riots and political uncertainty occurred September 2014,… Read more.

Big West Festival: first weekend

This is Not a Protest. Big West Festival

If you just went to arts festivals in Melbourne, you’d still miss far too much. 2015 is the tenth Big West Festival. This biennial multi-artform, multicultural festival runs for nine days in and around fabulous Footscray in Melbourne’s west. With 70 events, most of which are free, there’s still plenty to see before finishes on… Read more.

Production Company: Jerry’s Girls

Jerry's Girls. Nancye Hayes. Photo by  Jeff Busby.

If there’s been one trend in the last decade or so of musical theatre, it’s metatheatrical references. That’s where a show is very consciously a show. It can be seen in the self-referential “Song That Goes Like This” from Spamalot, the copious in-jokes and fourth-wall-breaking of Shrek and last year’s Best Musical Tony-winner, Something Rotten,… Read more.