StageArt: Titanic, the Musical

Titanic, the Musical. StageArt

StageArt’s new chamber version of Titanic, the Musical is a compelling interpretation of rarely-performed piece, which opened on Broadway in 1997 and won five Tony Awards. From its inception RMS Titanic was a ship of mythic proportions. The story of its ill-fated maiden voyage is conveyed with a sensitivity that doesn’t lose any sense of… Read more.

Simon Burke: Something About Always – Hayes Cabaret Season

Simon Burke

Simon Burke’s cabaret, Something About Always, was populated on its Saturday matinee mostly by people in the entertainment business and older audience members, it seemed, many of them couples, the kind you suspect have followed his career for its whole forty years. It was a comfortable audience and Burke clearly felt comfortable, moving through his script… Read more.

Bicycle – The Old Fitz

Danielle Baynes. Photo credit Matt Ralph.

Bicycle, currently in the late-show slot at the Old Fitz, is an entertaining and insightful feminist commentary on writing, creativity and society, and, delightfully, with an element of vampiric legend mixed in for good-measure. Our 19th century protagonist (a naïve and ambitious Danielle Baynes, who also wrote the script) has been gifted a bicycle by… Read more.

Hanuman: The Tale Behind the Name


Hanuman, a cheeky child monkey, gets impatient when his mother takes too long finding mangoes for him in the forest. In his hunger, he mistakes the sun for a giant mango and tries to eat it, incurring the wrath of the storm god and jeopardising the world. Originally a commission by Esplanade Theatre on the… Read more.

We Get It!

We Get It. Image Supplied.

Perfectly balanced between provocation and parody, We Get It! (Rachel Perk, Marcel Dorney) burst onto the stage at the Brisbane Powerhouse last week with a brash and pointed reminder about the experiences of women in theatre. This powerful show is a satirical take-down of a culture that still objectifies and demeans its female counterparts in… Read more.

Sven Ratzke – Starman

Sven Ratzke, Starman, Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2016, Photo by Denis Veldman

Sven Ratzke’s Starman – a sold-out success at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival – is a powder keg of energy and enthusiasm, primed to explode! The show heroes the music of the late, great David Bowie, but it is so, so much more than a tribute show. Starman is a transporter through time and space. One… Read more.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival: I See Me & Meryl Streep

Alexandra Keddie

In many ways, I See Me & Meryl Streep is a wonderful homage to the actor Meryl Streep. But what makes this show interesting is the way Alexandra Keddie, writer and performer, weaves the aspirations of her character throughout the narrative. Meryl (just like her idol) is a 17-year-old girl who wants to be a… Read more.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival: Personal Messiah

Alive Tovey. Photo by Sarah Walker

After discovering Alice Tovey’s Malice at last year’s Melbourne Fringe festival, I was really excited to see what she would come up with next. Malice was Alice belting out tunes with Ned Dixon accompanying on piano – telling stories of her Catholic upbringing and her feminism and the tension between the two. In Personal Messiah,… Read more.

Melbourne Cabaret Festival: Sing On Through Tomorrow

Matthew Lee Robinson

Sing On Through Tomorrow is a collection of composer/performer Matthew Lee Robinson’s earliest work; songs that first appeared in his cabaret shows, along with selections from his first full-length musical, Metro Street. Flourish Productions is presenting this revue as part of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival, and much like the recently seen Songs from a New… Read more.

Heathers the Musical – Sydney return season

Heathers the Musical – Sydney return season

Heathers, under the direction of performer/drag artist/director Trevor Ashley, premiered at the Hayes Theatre in 2015 and has since toured the country to the rightful adoration of Australian musical theatre fans. This dark show is wonderfully loud and energetic with a stellar cast and a great sense of style. Based on the cult-classic 80s movie… Read more.