The Awkward Years: Melbourne Fringe

The Awkward Years. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

Remember high school parties? The Awkward Years wants you to remember the drinking, the pashing, the dancing, the flirting, the vomit and the most embarrassing thing you did as a teenager. There’s no time for introductions; that’s why everyone gets name tags. There’s music playing and Ellen’s already crying. The pass the parcel game gets… Read more.

G’Day Habibi

G'Day Habibi. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

When Danielle Faour began her show, G’Day Habibi, with an unaccompanied Arabic pop song, I admit I feared the worst. I worried that this would be a show that not only was not for me, but was aggressively opposed to me. How wrong I was! Faour’s show about growing up with a Lebanese father and… Read more.

Pressure Down: Melbourne Fringe

Pressure Down - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

I can’t say what it was that drew me to Pressure Down, the solo debut from Dash and D’Bree’s Hayley Butcher. It wasn’t the new mother stuff – I am not now, nor have I ever been, a new mother (but dreams can come true, don’t give up etc) – and I’ve never had strong… Read more.

The Astruds: Rent (is Due)

The Astruds. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

The Astruds are Sarah Wall and Freya Long. In Rent (is Due), they welcome us into their home. Sure, they still haven’t unpacked fully, but hey, they’ve only been there six months. Through a collection of songs, they take us through the hopes and fears of the modern early-20-something, from the frustration of dealing with… Read more.

Self Esteem – The Soundtrack: Melbourne Fringe

Self Esteem - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

Bobby Blue is not all right. In fact, she’s kind of a mess, careening from egomania to soul-crushing despair and back again. We discover her in her bedroom, and her life (or lack thereof) over the last couple of weeks starts to unravel. From her insistence that she is a Killer Queen, through to her… Read more.

Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White – Australian Premiere

Emilie Lalande and Redi Shtylla as Snow White and the Prince. Photography by Wang.

As part of QPAC’s International Series, France’s Ballet Preljocaj’s contemporary interpretation of Snow White made its Australian debut at the Brisbane Festival. An adult version, based on the original Brothers Grimm’s nineteenth-century story, the contemporary ballet (sans ballet shoes) offers a dark and dramatic ‘thriller’ (dubbed thus by Albanian-French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj), this is certainly not Disney! Preljocaj (pronounced… Read more.



In the place where dreams are made of sits Pilobilus’ fusion of physical theatre, dance, and shadow illusion production of Shadowland. More than just a dance pieces whose meaning often falls short of the audience’s comprehension, this is a coming of age story that we can clearly follow. The story begins with a teen girl… Read more.

Arts House: Imagined Touch

Imagined Touch. Photo by Bryony Jackson

Imagined Touch is “a deafblind live art experience” at Arts House in North Melbourne. Deafblind artists Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens have been developing this remarkable piece for four years with director Jodee Mundy – everyone in Mundy’s family is Deaf, except for her, so Auslan is her first language. In 2013, Lawson (who was born… Read more.

My Fair Lady – Sydney Season

Anna O'Byrne as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Image by Lightbox Photography

My Fair Lady first appeared on Broadway 60 years ago, and ever since it has won the hearts of fans and critics alike. This transformation of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion to this Lerner and Loewe musical was a huge success – finding a new audience for the story of a plain, poorly-spoken flower girl who… Read more.