MICF: Diana Nguyen, Naked

Diana Nguyen

Funny, clever and incredibly entertaining, Diana Nguyen’s Naked is an absolute joy to watch. While the show explores some dark topics, Nguyen’s huge smile and good nature means the show moves along with plenty of laughs. Armed with a ukulele and a piano, her interactions with the audience, especially through song, are goofy and wonderful,… Read more.

MICF: Neal Portenza Neal Portenza Tracey

Neal Portenza

Josh Ladgrove’s beret-wearing Neal Portenza blows me away every time I see him. With a design including balloons, some lovely interactive modelling clay, and a bit of blood, he’s a bit calmer this year, so he’s like a puppy – on speed. A super-smart puppy who understands the world far too clearly and decides to… Read more.

MICF: Jake Johannsen, Talking Show

Jake Johannsen

At a very-well-aged 50-something and from the USA (he was a favourite on Letterman), I don’t think there’s anyone more middle class, middle aged, white, blue-eyed and heteronormative in the festival. With a mix of observational and anecdotal stand-up, his act is also as empty stage and microphone stand-up as it gets. And he gets that…. Read more.

MICF: Reuben Kaye, Plugged!

Reuben Kaye

Reuben Kaye, self-defined cabaret megastar, graces the Butterfly Club’s ‘upstairs basement’ with tender recollections of his creative and spiritual edification, from angsty adolescent to ‘gay superhero’ in Plugged! Kaye’s delivery is flawless as he seamlessly blends lavish storytelling into gilded song, incorporating an impressive repertoire that ranges from Kurt Weill to Kate Bush and regularly… Read more.

MICF: Lauren Bok, Sam Marzden and Bert Goldsmith Radio Variety Hour

Radio Variety Hour

Radio Variety Hour is a delightful and witty homage to the classic 1950s radio play. Packed with a wide array of sound-making props (including a cabbage!), the trio of Bok, Marzden and Goldsmith are all packed with loads of comedic talent. Jumping between characters, voices and stories, the show has a sense of well-organised chaos… Read more.

MICF: Rose Callaghan, Rose Before Hoes

Rose Callaghan

Honest, likeable and delightful crass, Rose Callaghan’s first solo show explores what it’s like to be a single 30-something woman with ADHD. Over the course of the show, Rose jumps between numerous stories that highlight both her battle with ADHD and her dating adventures, including lunchtime booty calls, the origin of ‘resting bitch face’ and… Read more.

Concerto for Harmony and Presto

Concerto for Harmony and Presto. Photo Supplied.

Harmony (Liz Skitch) loves to sing and dance. Her family has fallen upon hard times, but instead of selling their gramophone as planned, she sets it up in the street and begins to busk. Just as she is getting into her groove, Presto (Don Voyage) arrives with his tinker’s cart of all sorts of objects… Read more.

MICF: Rama Nicholas, Mary Weather’s Monsters

Rama Nicholas

It’s 1890s London and Mary Weather continues to try to balance protecting the city from monsters, missing her sister, and dealing with boyfriend Percy Shelley’s affections –”Go and write a poem, Percy”. When she finds her chance to enter the monster realm and end the war that broke out when she was a child, she… Read more.

When One Door Closes

Circa and La Boite present When One Door Closes. Image by Dylan Evans.

What happens when you mash-up extreme acrobatic theatre with the three great heroines of twentieth century drama: Miss Julie, Hedda Gabler and Nora? In the progressive endeavour to challenge the boundaries of ‘what is theatre,’ La Boite opens its 2016 season with a daring collaboration with contemporary circus ensemble Circa, When One Door Closes. This… Read more.

A Slight Ache & The Lover

A Slight Ache & The Lover. Image Supplied.

First performed in 1963, Harold Pinter’s The Lover is a superbly clever play with a fast paced wit that easily entertains the twitter-impaired attention span of today’s audience. Under the subtle and eloquent direction of Now Look Here Theatre’s Kate Wild, The Lover is paired with the simmeringly dark A Slight Ache to form a powerful… Read more.