Melbourne season: Black Diggers

QTC. Black Diggers. Photo by Jamie Williams

The National Gallery of Victoria is next to Arts Centre Melbourne. At night, the gallery’s long grey brick walls share an Anzac story in a series of projections. It’s beautiful and huge and well worth spending some time watching. Until Sunday, there’s another Anzac story being shared in the Arts Centre. Black…

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Review: Hot Brown Honey

Hot Honey Brown

It’s a man’s world – we are reminded by the divine opening number for the suave burlesque cabaret show Hot Brown Honey, but as the highbrow blend of dance, poetry, circus and striptease really gets going under the political hip-hop guidance of queen-of-cool emcee Busty Beatz, we’re very quickly consumed…

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Jerry and Tom – Insomniac theatre

Jerry and Tom by Insomniac Theatre. Photo by GiGee Photography.

The latest offering from the ever prolific Maggie Scott and her Insomniac Theatre group is a fun night of bloody pub theatre. Jerry and Tom is a play by Rick Cleveland, best known for his work as a writer on the West Wing and House of Cards. In Jerry and…

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MICF: Stephen K Amos

Stephen K Amos

UK comic Stephen K Amos is a stalwart of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and always manages to pull a crowd. With stakes that high, it was a shame to see him a little off his A-game and treading familiar waters. Welcome To My World showcases a range of Amos’s…

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Review: The Rocky Horror Show, Sydney season

The cast of The Rocky Horror Show in Sydney. Photo by Brian Geach.

There’s little more disappointing than a glossy and aggressively superficial production of a show that has in its bones a history of lively, scrappy-camp subversion. The Rocky Horror Show, which has just opened in Sydney following smash engagements across the country, is loud, boisterous, and ultimately meaningless. Heading the void…

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Malthouse: Meme Girls

Meme Girls. Ash Flanders & Art Simone

YouTube is only ten years old. Like Facebook and Twitter, it’s already hard to imagine life without it. And enough people have now grown up thinking that opening your life and your secrets to the world isn’t strange. Meme Girls at Malthouse Theatre is about searching for identity by confiding to strangers…

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MICF: Boris and Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure

Boris and Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure

As they may or may not say in the music halls, “Everybody loves puppets!” and apparently, as has been exceedingly demonstrated in recent years by the likes of Avenue Q, Henson Alternative’s Puppet Up!, the dirtier the better. Truly, there is a peculiar and undeniable appeal in witnessing an otherwise…

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MICF: Spit & Polish

Dave Thornton

Dave Thornton’s Spit & Polish doesn’t need any elbow grease, despite what the name might suggest; it’s already a lively and entertaining little gem of a show with plenty of appeal. As one half of Fox FM’s Fifi and Dave, it’s a nice change to see Thornton outside of the…

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Review: Endgame, Sydney Theatre Company

Tom Budge and Hugo Weaving in Endgame. Photo by Lisa Tomasetti.

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame is currently seeing two productions in Australia – one by Melbourne Theatre Company, directed by Sam Strong, and one by Sydney Theatre Company, directed by Andrew Upton. I can’t speak for the Melbourne production, but in Sydney, the production is slowly, creepingly extraordinary: a spell that binds…

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MICF: Double Acts

Jonestown. Sarah Jones and Nicholas J Johnson

The comedy double act is one where every laugh relies on the other person to make it work, so it’s no wonder the best are ones were one name can’t be said without the other. Today, we look at four diverse double acts on at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. An Evening…

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