Review: Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life

Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life. Photo supplied

If there are things that Mother, Wife and the Complicated Life is lacking, truth isn’t one of them – not if the hoots and hollers coming from mothers in the audience are anything to go by, anyway. The performances weren’t perfect and the words were a little cheesy, sometimes a little cheese is just what… Read more.

Melbourne Festival: The Rabbits

The Rabbits. Melbourne Festival, Opera Australia. Photo by Jon Green

The Rabbits is an hour-long opera based on a 1998 children’s picture book. Its Melbourne Festival season is sold out and as the Playhouse exploded with joy at the end of last night’s performance, it’s clear that this remarkable new Australian opera is going to be around for a very long time. Adapted and directed by… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Yana Alana, Covered

Yana Alana Covered - Melbourne Fringe

Following three years of touring ‘nude’ with her 2014 hit show Between The Cracks, veritable cabaret goddess Yana Alana (Sarah Ward) returns to the stage, liberated this time by her freedom to finally wear clothes again in Covered, a show (almost) entirely composed of borrowed material. Sparkling with all of the charm, delight and naughtiness… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Femme Fatale

The Candy Topps Femme Fatale, Melbourne Fringe

The Candy Topps, Stella, Fifi and Kitty, return after an extended absence to pleasure us once more with an evening of “aural and visual fervour” in Femme Fatale. With honey-sweet harmonies and their own brand of anachronistic musical reinvigoration, The Candy Topps celebrate and honour the long history of powerful women in the canon of… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet, Melbourne Fringe

Melbourne-based company BRODASAYSTA (Patrick Considine, Ruby Hughes, Adam Ibrahim, Samuel Russo) create an exceptionally silly and viciously biting satire in Lonely Planet, a contemporary cultural odyssey from Melbourne to Bora Bora, through the glossy world of travel guide books and pre-packaged spiritual awakenings. With a deliciously camp and surreal humour, the ensemble embody a diverse… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: The Audience Dies At The End

The Audience Dies At The End, Melbourne Fringe

Canadian performer Blair Moro strikes a somewhat unsettling figure on stage – clad in a leather apron, clutching a blood-soaked rag, and assuring us, with the utmost charm and affability, that by the conclusion of his show the entire audience will have met their untimely and horrific demise. From here we embark on a fast-paced… Read more.

Dirty Dancing in Adelaide

Dirty Dancing Melbourne. Image by Belinda Strodder

For anyone who has seen and loved the movie (which in a show like this is about ninety percent of the audience), Dirty Dancing will deliver exactly what you expect; hot summer nights, hot dance moves, warm-enough vocals and acting, and a burning inferno of nostalgia. The attempts at serious, political themes feel a little… Read more.

Review: The Importance of Being Ernest

The Importance of Being Ernest. Photo supplied.

The story of two bachelors, determined to live life and find love on their own terms in a society that expects conformity and venerates social standing; Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is a delightful play. Wilde created a world of sharp wit, acerbic social observations, a charming reverence for beauty and dialogue that… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Strong Female Character

Strong Female Character. Melbourne Fringe

Rowena Hutson has two dog tags; one that says feminist and one that says scoundrel. Strong Female Character looks at the action heroes that shaped Hutson’s character but, fair warning, the show goes from deconstructing pop culture to much darker places. Not that looking at popular culture isn’t enough to fill us with despair. Hutson… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: The Heart Awakens (2)

The Heart Awakens, Melbourne Fringe

Everyone knows that Rob Lloyd is a fan of Doctor Who, but his long-term relationship with that show is pre-dated by his first love, Star Wars. The Heart Awakens is a love letter to that relationship, as rocky as it sometimes got. This show is the third part of Rob Lloyd’s Obsession Trilogy, which started… Read more.