Red Stitch: Middletown

Middletown. Gareth Reeves, Christina O’Neill. Photo by  Jodie Hutchinson

There’s an extraordinary depth to Will Eno’s Middletown, from the work’s ability to transcend the mundane aspects of everyday life and reach the lofty heights of our galaxy to its disarming charm and Carroll-esque humour. Red Stitch Theatre has pulled off a remarkable feat in this production, which left the audience in tears of laugher…. Read more.

Review: Give Me Your Love

Give Me Your Love. Arts House. Photo by Sarah Walker

Positioned somewhere between the existential philosophy of Samuel Beckett and the comedic tropes of Monty Python, Give Me Your Love is an uncanny exploration of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In a putrid room with stained walls and a muddy floor sits Zach (David Woods), a traumatised war veteran from Iraq who has retreated into… Read more.

Adelaide Feast Festival: The Story Of My Life

The Story Of My Life. Photo by Daniel Salmon

The Story of My Life is a glowing example of what Adelaide’s Feast Festival has to offer; while it’s not the kind of mainstream musical that could book out the Festival Theatre like Ghost or Dirty Dancing can, it contributes something poignant and special to the musical theatre realm by exploring the critical, but underrepresented,… Read more.

The Motion of Light in Water

Motion in Light and Water. Image Supplied.

Elbow Room’s latest production is based on the life and work of science-fiction writer Samuel R. Delany. The author’s unusual relationship with his wife Marylin Hacker is depicted against the backdrop of an intolerant American society on the verge of the cultural revolution of the late 60s. Delany is gay and black, while Hacker is… Read more.

Opera Australia: The Marriage of Figaro

The Marriage of Figaro. Opera Australia

Opera Australia’s absolutely splendid The Marriage of Figaro is in Melbourne until the end of November. Premiering in 1786, Mozart’s comic opera about infidelity and forgiveness remains one of his most-loved works. Figaro and Susanna are servants to the Count and Countess Almaviva. They are getting married, but the Count wants Susanna, the Countesses’s old housekeeper fancies… Read more.

Opera in the Reservoir

Opera in the Reservoir - The Underground Opera Company. Image Supplied.

Opera in a big house can be distancing for an audience sitting three hundred seats away, squinting themselves blind for three hours trying to make out the shapes on stage while attempting to understand what in the Pavarotti is going on. Step into an Underground Opera Company production however, and you will be treated to… Read more.

Black Swan’s Next to Normal

Brendan Hanson and Rachael Beck in Next to Normal. Image by Gary Marsh

Black Swan’s Next to Normal is emotionally brought to life by the amazingly talented cast assembled by director, Adam Mitchell. Conveying the complexities and strains of mental illness is no easy task, but the entire ensemble cast perform with the delicate passion required to tackle such a topic. One of the strengths of the musical is its… Read more.

Briefs: The Second Coming in Melbourne


Briefs, the Brisbane-based all-male burlesque extravaganza, returns to Melbourne to rock out with their jocks out once more at the Athenaeum Theatre. From the moment we enter the cosy gloom of the Athenaeum’s newly revitalised upstairs space and are greeted by the entire Briefs ensemble roaming the seating banks, working the crowd and selling raffle… Read more.

Review: Knock Knock

Knock Knock - ACPA. Image Supplied.

A door is something very symbolic. A closed door can mean security, entrapment, an ending or the unknown. An open door can mean hope, beginnings, unknown possibilities. Knock Knock – the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts’ (ACPA) end of year show – centres around these various meanings and roles that a door can have in our… Read more.