Damon Lockwood, Greg McNeill, Steven Rooke. Gasp. Image by Gary Marsh Photography

Every once in a while a show comes along that will stay with you for a long time. Ben Elton’s satirical work Gasp! is one such show. It’s little wonder that this show has stood the test of time and still holds as much relevance as it did when it…

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Emerald City – Griffin Theatre Co

Butel and Winspear in Emerald City. Image by Brett Boardman.

Lee Lewis has captured on her stage the spirit of Sydney: the splashy, bright Ken Done portrait that dominates the set, doubling as a harbour view;  the standing at the fringes of the cocktail event; the tenuous, potentially regrettable connections you make, and that moment when ambivalence turns to conviction,…

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Wuthering Heights Stage Adaptation Premieres at QPAC

Julian Curtis, Nelle Lee, Melanie Zanetti, and Anthony Standish in Wuthering Heights - shake & stir. Photo by Dylan Evans.

Love is a dirty word. Shake & stir theatre is undoubtedly Brisbane’s (nay Australia’s) best literary stage adaptors, and they continue to carry the mantle in their new adaptation of Emily Brontë’s gothic masterpiece, Wuthering Heights. Adapted and directed boldy by co-artistic director Nick Skubij, the tragic tale focuses on an…

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Review: Glory Days – Exclaim Theatre Co

The cast of Glory Days. Image by Francis Fotography.

Glory Days closed after its opening night on Broadway. But it’s not all bad. A coming of age musical that can trace its lineage to every other almost-not-a-teen angst show before it, there is something about it that gives it promise, a certain hint of burgeoning talent, or potential, that makes…

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The Wharf Revue – Open for Business

The Wharf Revue is open for business.

An institution in Sydney theatre by now, The Wharf Revue, in its 15th year, opened this week at its home at the wharf theatres. This year, titled Open for Business, the troupe (consisting of Jonathan Biggins, Amanda Bishop, Phillip Scott, and Douglas Hansell, a newcomer this year – Drew Forsythe appears…

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Song Circle

Blue Roo Song Cycle - Judith Wright Centre

This has been a monumental year of growth for The Blue Roo Theatre Company from the highs of Opera Queensland’s Open Stage program to the tragedy of losing a founding member and friend Jamie Carrigan. Song Circle (Judith Wright Centre October 9-11) is the result of that growth; a suite…

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Angel Gear – La Boite Indie

Angel Gear - La Boite Indie. Photo by Bec Taylor.

Like the bastard child of Kath & Kim meets Wolf Creek, the exceptional Angel Gear by Sven Swenson (co-directed by Brian Lucas & Sven Swenson) is a production about unlikeable people and their horrible existence. On paper it’s not ordinarily the kind of play that I would be attracted to,…

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Review: Miracle City – Hayes Theatre Co

Esther Hannaford, Blazey Best, Marika Aubrey and Josie Lane. Image by Kurt Sneddon

Miracle City is the stuff of legends in the Australian musical theatre community. A show that was staged just once at Sydney Theatre Company in 1996, it played to rapturous audiences… and was never seen again. Stories of this amazing musical have persisted, and one of the songs in particular…

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