Melbourne Fringe: Steppe

Steppe.Melbourne Fringe

Experiencing Steppe at 707 Operations, it struck me that, for the people of Poland during the Second World War, there was no least worst option. The Nazis had come from the west, and then the Bolsheviks came from the east. For many, you were going to end up on a train either way. Steppe is… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Sophisticated Lady

Sophisticated Lady, Melbourne Fringe

This is no ‘greatest hits’ tribute show. Sophisticated Lady strips away the gloss of idolism from three of the most influential and iconic figures of jazz to examine the humanity beneath. Showcased here are three profoundly strong and talented women, coloured by their vulnerabilities and imperfections, doing their best to navigate the personal, professional and… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere. Melbourne Fringe

An exciting new initiative between Malthouse Theatre and Monash University, Welcome to Nowhere gives us five brand new plays written by some of Australia’s most fascinating playwrights: Angus Cerini, Zoey Dawson, Daniel Keene, Fleur Kilpatrick and Morgan Rose. Rose’s New Bright Future is the highlight of the five. Hilarious, dark and bizarre, this piece also… Read more.

OzAsia Festival: The Streets

The Streets. Photo supplied.

Before you even get to the doors of the Space Theatre, the apparently sleeping man, wrapped in a quilt on the floor like a dropped burrito, tells you you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re definitely in Oz(Asia). Once you actually reach the performance space for The Streets, the transportation is complete; you’re standing on a… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Sad Digger Mad Mary

Sad Digger Mad Mary. Melbourne Fringe

Sad Digger Mad Mary is a hilarious piece that treads the fine line between comedy and tragedy. Performed by superstar Tom Halls, it has you laughing one minute and seriously re-thinking your perception of context and history the next. The work revolves around WW1 veteran The Digger, his (red) dog Bluey and the memories of… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Exit Everything

Exit Everything. Melbourne Fringe

Bridget is obsessed with rock bands. Georgie is obsessed with death. Together we indulge their obsessions, because we understand them both and the moments and places they connect. Performed in the Workers Club in Brunswick Street, they have the perfect venue to dissect and interrogate their two loves. The audience are drawn in by their… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Alice Tovey, Malice

Alice Tovey, Malice. Melbourne Fringe

Alice Tovey: Malice is one of the highlights of the Fringe Festival so far. Is Malice really about malice or is it just a pun on Alice’s name? Are carefully-aimed criticisms of society alongside songs about Karl Stefanovic really malicious? No, they are just damn funny. Tovey’s songs are all originals and in the intimate… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Gender Spanner

Gender Spanner. Melbourne Fringe

Jessica McKerlie doesn’t like labels. She doesn’t like them when society gives them to us. She doesn’t like it when we give it to themselves. She doesn’t even like the word labels.   When you enter the Cave Theatre at Scratch Warehouse, a new performance space in North Melbourne, Jess gives everyone a post-it note,… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Hart

HART. Melbourne Fringe

HART is beautiful, heartbreaking and liberating storytelling.   With old checkerboard lino, faded damask wallpaper and a wooden table, the tiny stage in the Fringe hub Parlour Room looks like a farm kitchen from anytime in the last 200 years. A place where people yarn and gossip and share their stories.  It’s here that Ian… Read more.

Sydney Fringe: Slut

Slut. New Theatre at Sydney Fringe 2015

Slut is a short and snappy Fringe Festival contribution, directed by Natarsha Wrensted who has melded a great ensemble from the performers. Patricia Cornelius’ 2008 script presents multiple characters—a gaggle of school girls—who circle around the slut: Lolita. The black stage is minimally dressed with functional plastic-and-metal chairs and white rectangles of screen and scrim… Read more.