Double Indemnity

Richard Piper and Claire van der Boom in MTC's Double Indemnity. Image by Jeff Busby

Los Angeles. 1930s. Dark suits. Platinum blondes. And a man who tells us he knows how to get away with murder and make a little money on the side. Insurance agent Walter Huff (Leon Ford) heads up to Hollywoodland to renew insurance for Mr Nerdlinger (Richard Piper), but with the man of the house out,… Read more.


Switzerland - QTC. Image Supplied.

There is a low hum of people getting to their seats, laughing, settling, catching up with family and friends – suddenly the theatre is plunged into darkness. For several seconds there is a palpable vacuum of noise and light. This is preface of what is to come; a play that is dark and populated by… Read more.

Daffodils – Brisbane Powerhouse

Todd Emerson and Colleen Davis in Daffodils. Image Supplied.

Daffodils, the multi-award winning indie Kiwi cabaret now at Brisbane Powerhouse’s Visy Theatre., is an everyday story of extraordinary love inspired by true events. Rochelle Bright’s parents met in a patch of daffodils – the same patch of daffodils where her grandparents also met. Magic, fate or coincidence? This show follows the evolution of Eric and… Read more.

Menopause the Musical: Women on Fire

Menopause the Musical: Women on Fire

As soon as I saw a tree of mannequins dressed in underwear bathed in harsh florescent lighting, and heard the announcement  to ‘switch your phone to vibrate’, I knew I was in for a long night. Menopause the Musical is back. I like the intent behind this show- it’s important for women to openly and honestly… Read more.

Howie the Rookie – Old Fitz return season

Andrew Henry and Sean Hawkins in Howie the Rookie. Photo by Kate Williams

The Old Fitz and Howie the Rookie are a match made in theatrical heaven. The scrappy black box theatre in the belly of a beloved pub seems like exactly the right place for Mark O’Rowe’s rough-as-guts tandem monologues exploring a violent Dublin underworld – a play with its fists up to protect any traces of… Read more.

Love and Information – Underground Productions

Love and Information - Underground Productions. Photo Supplied.

Underground Productions, the student theatre company at the University of Queensland, is the latest in Australia tackle Caryl Churchill’s 2012 play Love and Information after last year’s critically acclaimed Sydney Theatre Company/Malthouse co-production. This play consists of 57 short scenes, each of which are designed to comment on how we interact with each other, or with… Read more.

Xanadu the Musical – Hayes Theatre Co

Jaime Hadwen and Ainsley Pelham, Image: Frank Farrugia.

The 1980 romantic-fantasy film Xanadu was a box-office disaster that went on to garner a cult following (perhaps due to the soundtrack, featuring songs by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar). Xanadu the Musical, with songs by Lynne and Farrar and book by Douglas Carter Beane (Sister Act the Musical), trades on that cinematic disaster past: on… Read more.

Review: As We Forgive, Griffin Theatre Co

Robert Jarman in As We Forgive. Image Supplied.

Robert Jarman stands alone on the SBW Stables stage proper. Against the wall, near the entrance, a cellist (Jack Ward) plays something sombre (by Raffaele Marcellino) . Blurred, aged projections (Lisa Garland) flicker above Jarman’s head, showing title cards, definitions of forgiveness, and more. This is As We Forgive. Tom Holloway has written three monologues… Read more.

Jenny Wynter in Viking Mama!

Jenny Whinter in Viking Mama. Photo supplied.

Jenny is a Viking mama of three. She keeps a blog about the everyday battles she faces as a parent: from mustering the fortitude to get out of bed, to shopping with children who constantly want things, to dealing with passive-aggressive neighbours who seem to have everything under control. When Jenny forgets to book a… Read more.