Side Show – Hayes Theatre Co

Laura Bunting and Kerrie Anne Greenland in Side Show. Image by Kurt Sneddon

Side Show invites you into the underbelly of a Depression-era circus where performers – generally people with disabilities, either real or faked – are placed on display to be gawked at. It can be brutal, but it is the only place they can find not only a job but also acceptance. Amidst this particular group… Read more.

Singin’ in the Rain – Brisbane Season

Singing In The Rain. Photography by Darren Thomas.

Singin’ in the Rain is one of the most beloved movie musicals of all time, and a glossy stage production is now making a splash in Brisbane after seasons around the country. Welcome to 1920’s Hollywood and the rise of the talking picture. Don Lockwood (Rohan Browne on opening night- he alternates with Grant Almirall)… Read more.

Hidden Sydney – The World Bar

Sydney - September 19, 2016: A scene from "Hidden Sydney", an immersive cabaret experience set in the former Kings Cross brothel The Nevada (photo by Jamie Williams)

In the back alley behind the popular Kings Cross nightspot World Bar you can be taken back in time to the 1970s, when the World Bar was called The Nevada and it was Sydney’s most infamous brothel. This is Hidden Sydney, a four-storey-high immersive cabaret. You’re dropped into the heart of old Kings Cross, teeming… Read more.

Dear Delphine – Melbourne Fringe

Dear Delphine. Photo supplied

Imagine a collection of five Instagram posts. There’s maybe a picture of someone’s burger, a cat picture, a photo of an interesting building, a post-gym selfie and a shot of a tree. Sure, the cat and the tree both have the Hudson filter on them, but apart from that, they have absolutely nothing in common…. Read more.

The Quiet Bite – Melbourne Fringe

The Quiet Bite - photo supplied

In 431 BCE, Medea takes a knife to her children for the first time. 2500 years later a woman in Queensland stabs her children as they lie peacefully in their beds and in a tiny fringe venue in Melbourne, a woman confesses her struggles with IVF. The audience is invited to listen as Kate Stones… Read more.

Black is the Colour – Melbourne Fringe

Black is the Colour - photo supplied

Catherine and Irene have been friends for a long time, but after Catherine’s experience of domestic violence, the two friends begin to drift apart. Deafferent’s production of Black is the Colour by Daniel Keene focuses squarely on communication and how sometimes we don’t have the words to articulate our own experiences. The two lead actors,… Read more.

Menage – Melbourne Fringe

Menage - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Menage begins, as most trysts might, with a chance meeting, a text message, and a phone call and it continues on to an intimate encounter in a bedroom. An audience of two hears intimate stories of sex work in a small room above a shop in North Melbourne. If you saw this show with a… Read more.

Hanako – Brisbane Festival

Hanako. Image Supplied.

The image of Loie Fuller’s billowing flower-like, pink-hued sleeves captured in the 1896 film La Danze Serpentine by the Lumiere brothers is infamous even a hundred years later. This hypnotic image is the starting link in a surprising chain that stretches back to a famous writer in 15th century Japan, caught between his western celebrity and… Read more.

Julius Caesar – Melbourne Fringe

Julius Caesar - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

“Hooray and up she rises, Hooray and up she rises” chant the working women of Rome to celebrate Caesar’s victory and her return to the capital. Soon, though, Caesar is warned to “Beware the Ides of March”. And the knives come out. The tragedy of Julius Caesar as told by William Shakespeare is over 400… Read more.

St Mary’s in Exile – QTC World Premiere

Kevin Spink, Peter Marshall, Bryan Probets, and Louisa Prosser. Photo by Stephen Henry.

In the largest schism in Australia’s Catholic history, Father Peter Kennedy was ousted from his post at St Mary’s by the Church for his unorthodox practices. The beloved priest was progressive, inclusive (and a bit of a rebel) in the way he interpreted the scripture, conducted mass, and interacted with the community at wide. When… Read more.