Midsumma: I am my own wife

Ben Gerrard as Charlotte in I Am My Own Wife. Image by Rupert Reid photography

Doug Wright’s play I Am My Own Wife, at fortyfivedownstairs for Midsumma, is a most remarkable piece. Its story twists and turns and keeps the audience guessing, it has a superbly unreliable narrator, and it looks at issues of identity, persecution and betrayal. Ben Gerrard plays Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, an elegant and charming 65-year-old German… Read more.

Midsumma: Dolly Di*mond’s Bl*nkety Bl*nks

Dolly Diamond

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Dolly Di*mond’s Bl*nkety Bl*nks is a hot mess – but it’s the funniest and most delightful hot mess you’ll ever see. And speaking of bush, Rhonda Burchmore’s needs trimming, and her dried-out lady-garden needs watering. Such is the level of innuendo in this show. If you’ve ever… Read more.

Circus 1903 – Sydney Opera House

Circus 1903. Photo by Jim Lee.

Going to the circus is, for many, a thrilling experience: nostalgia, loud noises, death-defying acts… while sitting in the front row and having popcorn lobbed in your face by the ringmaster did not exactly coincide with these expectations, it’s all part of the fun and games of Circus 1903. It’s a return to the classic… Read more.

MTC: Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday. Photo by Jeff Busby

A tycoon moves to Washington DC to use his money to influence politics and politicians.   When the Melbourne Theatre Company announced they were staging Garson Kanin’s 1940s political comedy as the opening play of their 2017 season, my interest was focused squarely on Christie Whelan-Browne in the lead role of Billie Dawn. This character… Read more.

Measure for Measure – Sydney Festival

Measure for Measure. Photo by Prudence Upton

For some, seeing Shakespeare in English is complicated enough. For the crowd that packed into the Roslyn Packer theatre on Sunday night to see Cheek by Jowl and Moscow’s Pushkin Theatre perform Measure for Measure, there was a unique challenge: Shakespeare performed in Russian, with English surtitles. Although Russian Shakespeare may seem inaccessible, the sexual… Read more.

The Season – Sydney Festival

Tammy Anderson, Kelton Pell, Luke Carroll, Lisa Maza, James Slee, Nazaree Dickerson. Photo by Prudence Upton

Nathan Maynard’s The Season is a wonderfully authentic new Australian work, celebrating tradition without overlooking the challenges often associated with preserving heritage. Set on Dog Island in the Bass Strait, the play is a powerfully honest look at a family who, throughout  birding season, learn about themselves, their relatives and the strength of their shared… Read more.

The Screwtape Letters – Canberra Theatre Centre

The Screwtape Letters – Canberra Theatre Centre

There are many ways that Hell could be represented on stage. Walking into The Courtyard Studio of the Canberra Theatre Centre to find an office straight out of a Sherlock Holmes novel was, needless to say, not what I expected. This austere academic venue is wallpapered by a brewing, luminous storm scene, the first suggestion… Read more.

Prize Fighter – Belvoir, Sydney Festival

Prize Fighter. Image by Brett Boardman.

Every minute of Prize Fighter, the acclaimed playwrighting debut by Future D. Fidel, is essential.  At only 65 minutes in length the play, now at Belvoir after a strong season at Brisbane Festival, is a fight for life. Isa (Pacharo Mzembe), a refugee newly settled in Australia, is a boxer training for a national title… Read more.

Ladies in Black – Sydney Lyric Theatre

Cast of Ladies in Black. Credit: Lisa Tomasetti.

Ladies in Black means well. A new Australian musical based on Madeleine St John’s novel Women in Black, it carries in its quintessentially Australian core an eagerness to charm audiences. Just like young protagonist Lisa Miles longs to grow up, defy boundaries, and find her identity in mid 20th century Australia, so too is this musical trying… Read more.

The Travelling Sisters

The Travelling Sisters. Photo supplied.

The Travelling Sisters and their motley crew of crazy characters stormed into town (literally) this month for a spin around the Bleaches (behind the scrumptious Bens Burgers in West End). It turned out to be a chaotic hour of at times inaudible fun (thanks Mother Nature for the thunderous applause). A somewhat pared back show… Read more.