MICF: Avenue Q

Avenue Q. Trifle Theatre Company

Avenue Q is Trifle Theatre Company’s first show. It’s already sold out, so it sucks to be you if you didn’t book a ticket. There’s not much left to say when there are no seats left, except to hold on tight to your tickets, know that you made the right choice…

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Review: Jumpy, Sydney season

Brenna Harding and Jane Turner in Jumpy. Photo by Brett Boardman.

Jane Turner is the heart and soul of Jumpy, a Melbourne Theatre Co production presented by Sydney Theatre Co that has just landed at the Drama Theatre.  She is Hilary, fifty years old and floundering as a parent, a professional, and a partner, and Turner is hapless and sweetly bewildered…

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Review: riverrun, Sydney Theatre Company

Olwen Foueré in riverrun. Photo by Colm Hogan, Adelaide Festival of Arts

Olwen Fouéré’s riverrun, her winding monologue that brings shape to some part of the literary beast that is James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, is a curious work that actively encourages you to turn off your brain. It begins as a smooth, puzzling struggle.Fouéré is the voice of the river, taking her inspiration and…

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Review: Aida, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

Aida on Sydney Harbour. Image by Prudence Upton.

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is now in its fourth year. An exaggerated, exuberant opera staging on an outdoor stage overlooking Sydney’s genuinely beautiful harbour. After La Traviata, Carmen, and Madama Butterfly, this year it’s Aida’s turn to have the spectacle treatment on the Fleet Steps. And make no mistake…

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The Importance of Being Miriam

Miriam Margolyes. Photo by Gavin D Andrew

Imagine having a fabulous great-aunt who has led a fascinating, slightly wicked life, is a brilliant storyteller and happens to have a wonderful collection of books at her house. This is what The Importance of Being Miriam put me in mind of. During the two-hour-long show, Miriam Margolyes performs various…

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The Pirates are Back!

Pirates of Penzance - Harvest Rain. Image Supplied.

In 1985, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre opened with a blockbuster production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance, which starred Jon English, Marina Prior and Simon Gallaher. It returned to QPAC in 1994 (with Helen Donaldson replacing Marina Prior), with video and audio recordings ensuring its iconic status in…

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MTC: Endgame

Julie Forsyth & Rhys McConnochie. Photo by Jeff Busby

There’s a double page in the program for the MTC’s Endgame titled “explantion”. It’s about modernism, Absurdism and finding meaning in Samuel Beckett’s writing. It’s great for post-show conversations but it doesn’t talk about the possibility of losing yourself in Beckett’s world and not giving a toss about meaning. For me, the…

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Review: Les Misérables, Sydney season

Les Miserables Australia. Image by Matt Murphy.

It’s an epic musical, a towering behemoth from the 1980s – an era that spawned plenty of them, like Cats and Phantom of the Opera – but Les Misérables , a sung-through, all-feeling story of love, injustice, and striving for liberation and redemption in dark times, feels like the biggest…

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