Onstage Dating – Melbourne Fringe

Onstage Dating - Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016. Image supplied

Bron Batten has dated men all over the world. Now that she’s tried online dating, which she describes as “squeezing the rancid bowels of the internet”, she’s decided to try onstage dating. After a brief introductory video of people judging her by her appearance alone, Bron appears on stage, covered in glowsticks and ready to… Read more.

Journey of a Thousand Smiles – Melbourne Fringe

Journey of a thousand smiles. Image supplied

I know that it’s totes unprofesh to whoop loudly during a show that you’ve been sent to review, but Jess Hackett did name-check a family member, so I hope I can be forgiven. Journey of a Thousand Smiles is the story of Jess’s walk from Melbourne to Canberra to deliver a petition calling for more… Read more.

Alice Tovey: Personal Messiah – Melbourne Fringe

Alice Tovey - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Alice Tovey is a fierce operatic rock goddess. In her second coming since her hit debut Malice at last year’s festival, she returns to rain down enough fiery wrath to make even the most vengeful of patriarchal monotheistic deities quiver in awe. Tovey’s writing and performance is unapologetically blunt and relentlessly punchy. With sardonic wit… Read more.

Déjà Vu (And Other Forms of Knowing) – Melbourne Fringe

Andi Snelling. Image by Sarah Walker

Andi Snelling’s new solo show Déjà Vu is an eerie and fascinating physical exploration into the subconscious mind. With absolutely no dialogue, the show is 45 minutes of intense movement laced with a dark humour and a bittersweet vibe. Snelling’s incredible control over her body while performing is sublime to watch and she takes great… Read more.

Blackbird – Sydney Fringe Festival

Blackbird at the Sydney Fringe.  Image Supplied.

There’s no bells and whistles on Andrew Langcake’s recent production of  David Harrower’s Blackbird. Presented by Throwing Shade Theatre Co for the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival, this powerful and provocative play explores all the moral complexity and emotional intensity of an underage relationship and its lasting consequences. The play, inspired by the crimes of sex offender Toby… Read more.

Cycology: Inside the Mind of Cy Coleman – Sydney Fringe Festival

Cycology: Inside the Mind of Cy Coleman

The one-man cabaret show Cycology: Inside the Mind of Cy Coleman, written and performed by Richard Woodhouse, is a vocal memoir. Woodhouse plays Coleman, reflecting upon his life as a musician while performing his most famous songs. Coleman was an American composer, songwriter, and jazz pianist who composed many famous musical hits of the second… Read more.

Committee: Melbourne Fringe

Committee. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

A theatre company is putting on a new play that sounds almost exactly like Hamlet, but does this play meet the needs of its shareholders? Is the play itself worth doing or can it also find a balance between corporate metrics and marketing synergy? The concept behind Committee is compelling; it’s a satire on the… Read more.

Bye Melbourne, It’s Been Fun!

Bye Melbourne, It’s Been Fun! Melbourne Fringe 2016

Struan Logan is a Scottish comedian who has spent a year in Australia performing stand up. His visa is about to run out. His visa is so close to running out, he might be kicked out of the country before this season closes. That’s an interesting angle, but the show doesn’t explore it. It’s not… Read more.

The Awkward Years: Melbourne Fringe

The Awkward Years. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

Remember high school parties? The Awkward Years wants you to remember the drinking, the pashing, the dancing, the flirting, the vomit and the most embarrassing thing you did as a teenager. There’s no time for introductions; that’s why everyone gets name tags. There’s music playing and Ellen’s already crying. The pass the parcel game gets… Read more.

G’Day Habibi

G'Day Habibi. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

When Danielle Faour began her show, G’Day Habibi, with an unaccompanied Arabic pop song, I admit I feared the worst. I worried that this would be a show that not only was not for me, but was aggressively opposed to me. How wrong I was! Faour’s show about growing up with a Lebanese father and… Read more.