Review: Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom. Jeff Busby

After opening in Sydney last year to a luke-warm reception, Strictly Ballroom received an injection with a glitter glue-gun before re-opening in Melbourne. And while it still may need a bit more of a twist before we can shout about it, Brisbane crowds didn’t seem to mind when it opened at QPAC’s Lyric Theatre. Another… Read more.


Company. Watch This. Photo by Jodie Hutchison

Company is the latest dalliance with another Stephen Sondheim work from independent company Watch This (following Assassins and Pacific Overtures). Making marvellous use of that delightful theatre space three flights down at fortyfivedownstairs, it’s a slick, evocative, low-budget show that reaches high and scrapes the edges of excellence. But getting there wasn’t easy for a… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Christopher Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Christopher Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Melbourne Fringe 2015

Have you ever thought about the places that have formed the person you are right now? Sure, your family and friends shape you, but what about the places you’ve worked at or the houses you’ve lived in? Have you ever fake-owned horses or been hit in the face by a boat, twice? Or had game… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Gorilla, lovely Gorilla

Gorilla, lovely Gorilla -Melbourne Fringe 2015

Zoo worker, animal advocate, meat eater – theatremaker Michelle Nussey is all three. Write what you know is good advice. Nussey is passionate about the subject matter at hand, and we get great insights about working at the zoo through her anecdotes. Overall, Gorilla, lovely Gorilla takes a scattershot approach to showcasing the theme of… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Bock Kills Her Father

Bock Kills Her Father -  Melbourne Fringe 2015

The streets of rural suburbia howl and packs of wild creatures are on the prowl for sex and revenge in Adam J A Cass’s Bock Kills Her Father. The script hums with a truly fearful and violent tension, perfectly realised in Penny Harpham’s slick direction and exquisitely performed by a stunning all-female cast. Marissa O’Reilly,… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Fag/Stag

Jimmy and Corgan want to tell you a story about love and friendship and how masculinity sometimes gets in the way. They were both in love with the same woman once, though at different times – and now they’ve been invited to her wedding. Actually, Jimmy is gay, so that love thing is complicated. No,… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Ich Bin Ein Belinda

Ich Bin Ein Belinda at Melbourne Fringe 2015

Dr Sugar is a hidden gem, which is worth discovering, if only for this show. In Ich bin ein Belinda, Belinda Hanne Reid takes us on a tour of the various personas that bake up Bel. As much as I’m predisposed to like anyone who busts out Jeff Blumenkrants’s ‘I Won’t Mind’, Reid had me… Read more.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins - Expressions Dance Company. Photo supplied.

The human mind is the battlefield in which our sins fight for power over our souls. In Natalie Weir’s astounding masterpiece, The Seven Deadly Sins – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Laziness, Wrath, Envy and Pride materialise, writhing before us in an attempt to win the bounty that is Thomas Gundry Greenfield, the flawed ‘man’ in whom… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Sure Sign of Love

Sure Sign of Love - Melbourne Fringe 2015

Cabaret pocket-rocket Elena Gabrielle takes us on a romantic odyssey through the wonders and woes of dating every sign of the zodiac in Sure Sign of Love. Taking a light-hearted prod at the power of pseudoscience and the perils of contemporary techno-dating, Gabrielle explores every character archetype from the Western astrological canon, sharing stories from… Read more.

Melbourne Fringe: Toward a Better Understanding of the Universe

Toward a Better Understanding of the Universe - Melbourne Fringe 2015

David Klein wants to tell you about science. Like, he really wants to tell you. And you’ll really want to know. While charting his own educational history, Klein introduces the basics, from the cosmic expanse of space to the microcosmic boundaries of cells. Klein manages to blend intellectual stimulation with an almost soporifically calming manner…. Read more.