Melbourne Cabaret Festival: Gala

Rob Mills

Now in its sixth year, the Melbourne Cabaret Festival is still struggling to become a well-known event on the city’s arts calendar. I attended the initial festival in 2010 and was delighted that Melbourne was finally getting an event entirely devoted to cabaret – my favourite art form. Beginning with…

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Review: Like Me, Mongrel Mouth

Mongrel Mouth's Like Me, at Merchants House in the Rocks, Sydney. Photograph by Chris Evans.

Like Me, a Mongrel Mouth production directed by Duncan Maurice, is strange. Grotesque. Unnerving. Disorienting. Confronting. And it’s all around me.   The action plays out in eight rooms of Merchants House in The Rocks. The context: a group of narcissistic patients has taken over a derelict treatment centre. We spectators are…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Unescorted

Lady Rizo

Lady Rizo is our diva and we commune with her in the religion of glitter and cabaret. An established and well-respected cabaret performer from New York City, Lady Rizo is a Grammy winner, has performed for just about all the famous people known today (Beyoncé and Prince to name just…

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Review: Triassic Parq, Seymour Centre

The company, Triassic Parq. Photograph by Michael Francis.

“A community in crisis leads to doubt,” the dinosaurs sing. And—they tell us—doubt leads to chaos. As the singing, dancing Triassic Parq community unravels, the dinosaurs’ doubts pile up. All the old certainties about gender, sex, love, faith and science suddenly seem like some kind of huge confidence trick. This…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – 27 Club


It’s an exclusive club of the greats. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse are all members, and all coincidentally died at 27 years old. Henry Wagons MC’s this nostalgic trip down music-legend-memory-lane apparently as a cross-roads demon or some such, implying entry to…

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Rocky Horror in Melbourne

Rocky Horror. Photo by Jim Lee

It’s 41 years since Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show first broke out of the lab and started blazing a glittery trail of mischief across the planet Earth. Since then, it has overrun its own humble beginnings as a cult icon and become somewhat of an institution. But after so long,…

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MTC NEON: The Lonely Wolf

The Lonley Wolf. Photo by Lachlan Woods

You can throw every interesting colour you want into the mixing pot but throw in too many any it’ll always come out brown. MTC’s Neon festival saw Dirty Pretty Theatre’s The Lonely Wolf (or an incomplete guide for the unadvanced soul) open on a gorgeous set, but while the design…

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