Julius Caesar – Melbourne Fringe

Julius Caesar - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

“Hooray and up she rises, Hooray and up she rises” chant the working women of Rome to celebrate Caesar’s victory and her return to the capital. Soon, though, Caesar is warned to “Beware the Ides of March”. And the knives come out. The tragedy of Julius Caesar as told by William Shakespeare is over 400… Read more.

St Mary’s in Exile – QTC World Premiere

Kevin Spink, Peter Marshall, Bryan Probets, and Louisa Prosser. Photo by Stephen Henry.

In the largest schism in Australia’s Catholic history, Father Peter Kennedy was ousted from his post at St Mary’s by the Church for his unorthodox practices. The beloved priest was progressive, inclusive (and a bit of a rebel) in the way he interpreted the scripture, conducted mass, and interacted with the community at wide. When… Read more.

Shaken – Melbourne Fringe

Shaken. Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Who is the best James Bond? It’s a question that has plagued us since the time someone-other-than-Sean Connery played the role. Shaken is pitched as Baritones Belting Bond and the songs are the highlight of the show. Creator Charlie D Barkle has an impressive voice and he’s chosen to showcase the best Bond themes from… Read more.

Not Another Indie Cabaret – Melbourne Fringe

Not Another Indie Cabaret - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Not Another Indie Cabaret is another indie cabaret, but Jessamae St James knows that and plays with your expectations. Jessamae describes herself as low-level clusterfuck, who has trouble with #adulting. She finds Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood sexy and has trouble with drunk Ebay-ing. These are the kind of revelations you might expect in a… Read more.

The Maze – Melbourne Fringe

The Maze - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

You’re outside a bar in North Melbourne. It’s cold, you’re wearing a scarf and a stranger gives you a pair of headphones to put on. There’s a woman at a tram stop and you’re told to follow her. You enter The Maze. The Honeytrap have devised an outdoor theatre experience that shook me up. I… Read more.

 – Melbourne Fringe

CULL. Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Admit it, we all know at least one person who drives us mad on Facebook, whether it’s the constant meme poster, the fitness junkie, the spiritual hippy or those who jump on every new posting trend (neknomination anyone?). Over the course on an hour, Patrick Durnan Silva and Honor Wolff poke fun at these people… Read more.

RESTORE – Melbourne Fringe

RESTORE - Melbourne Fringe 2016. Image supplied

Renae Shadler’s new solo show RESTORE is a beautiful and sensual experience that melds text and dance. Inspired by a residency that she undertook in an Icelandic fishing village with an active volcano capped with a glacier in her backyard, Shadler is stripped bare, both physically and emotionally. What follows is an gorgeous examination into… Read more.

Planet of the Kings – Melbourne Fringe

Planet of the Kings. Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016. Image supplied

Performed by Melbourne drag kings Rex Spandex and Harden Long, the riotous Planet of the Kings is packed with laughs, love and adventure. Cabaret meets mockumentary, Spandex and Long are thrown together after meeting at the Major Tom Space Program. As we learn of their epic history over the years and the effects fame can… Read more.

How Can You Sleep at Night? – Melbourne Fringe

How Can You Sleep at Night? Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016. Image supplied

It’s the end of the world. The human race is running full steam towards its demise and the threat of being superseded by highly intelligent gelatinous zooplankton has never been more real – surely nothing to lose any sleep over. Christian Taylor invites us into the weird world of his sleepless imagination in his debut… Read more.