Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Exposing Edith

Photo: Mark Wojt

Edith Piaf is one of the most recognisable voices to come out of Europe with her guttural rolling of R’s and belty chansons, any music-lover would be well aware of her unique vocal stylings. While this production may be a celebration of Piaf’s centenary with her life sadly ending almost…

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Review: Hair to the Throne — Hayes Cabaret Season

Hair to the Throne: Marney McQueen as Rosa Waxoffski

Marney McQueen isRosa Waxoffski , beauty therapist to the stars. Along with her world-renowned pianist Boris Longschlongadongski (musical director Mark Jones), her show is a celebration of waxing, men, and saying things aloud that polite society considers taboo. It’s bawdy and broad and full of easy, terrible jokes.  With high levels…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Pure Blonde

Christie Whelan Browne

It’s convenient to imagine that the glitz and glamour of show business transcends the stage. One might assume that artists are blessed with a glittering and shiny ‘everyday life’ that suitably compliments their lives onstage. Audiences savour the glory of a ‘finished product’; the training, auditions, rejections, auditions, rehearsals, travel…

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Reasons to be Pretty at The Bakehouse Theatre

Nic Krieg in Reasons to be Pretty. Photo by Michael Errey

When you add self centred-ness, concrete thinking, closed-mindedness and power struggles to a serious dose of intellectual and emotional immaturity and superficiality, the results in terms of calm and rewarding relationships are sure to be less than pretty. Such is the case in, and the focus of this somewhat strangely…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Taken By Storm


OK. Let’s get something out of the way first, I think I have a girl-crush on Storm Large. I’ll admit it, she is sassy, sexy, brilliant and so freaking rock it hurts. Returning to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Storm Large wants to talk about love. Love with its addictive, twisted…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Painted From Memory


In the 1990s, Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello joined forces to write the song, ‘God Give Me Strength’. They continued writing together, releasing the 1998 album, Painted from Memory.  This production is a song-cycle showcasing songs from that album. Luke Kennedy and Michael Falzon were last seen at the 2014…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Pennsylvania Avenue


Good sequels are rare and unique. Like The Godfather Part II, Empire Strikes Back and Toy Story 2, this sequel reunites its original team of Joanna Murray-Smith (playwright), Simon Phillips (director) and powerhouse performer Bernadette Robinson to be one of the greats in sequels for the stage. Robinson is once…

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Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Meow Meow: His Master’s Choice

Meow Meow. Image by Karl Giant

The undeniable Queen of Kamikaze Kabarett has, upon the request of new Cabaret Festival curator, returned to Adelaide to stupefy audiences with her audacious, vivacious, and brave cabaret style. Meow Meow’s ability to romp through Weimar repertoire while simultaneously fascinating and frightening audiences makes for an enthralling evening. His Master’s…

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