Ladies in Black Returns to Brisbane

Ladies in Black - Queensland Theatre

In a return season presented by Queensland Theatre, Ladies in Black is a charming musical full of flair and frocks, exploring the post-war era in Australia. Adapted by Carolyn Burns from Madeleine St John’s 1993 novel, The Women in Black, the story looks at this time and its issues from a lighter perspective, using quintessential Aussie… Read more.

The Book of Mormon will blow your freaking mind

The Book of Mormon. Ryan Bondy & Auguston Aziz Tchantcho, Photo by Jeff Busby

Oh, I believe! The expectations of the Australian production of The Book of Mormon were higher than a stoner watching South Park – the Broadway run hasn’t had an empty seat since it opened, and won Tonys, in 2011. These expectations have been reached – and surpassed. Seeing it once isn’t enough. Elders Price and… Read more.

Huff – Sydney Festival

Sydney - January 22, 2017: A scene from Huff, showing at the 2017 Sydney Festival (photo by Jamie Williams/Sydney Festival)

Wind is attempting to commit suicide with a plastic bag over his head. It’s a shock laced with black humour; he’s tried this before, he tells us wryly. He even details the process at which the a person begins to suffocate – “I would know,” he says. This is Huff,  a solo show by Cliff… Read more.

The Adventures of Yoni 1 and Yoni 2

Adventures of Yoni 1 & Yoni 2. Image supplied.

Two Yonis, one beautiful, one bashful, fall in love in the Bollywood-style epic, The Adventures of Yoni 1 & Yoni 2. For those not in the know, yoni is the Hindi word for vagina and we quite literally watched a musical starring two muffs, not metaphorical ones but larger-than-life lady-bits with legs and arms and… Read more.

A Night at the Musicals

Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo - A Night at the Musicals. Image supplied.

I’m hopelessly devoted to the gorgeous Le Gateau Chocolat and the super-sexy Jonny Woo and not just because they performed the most outstanding Grease revival to grace the last few decades of Danny and Sandy iconography. The entire audience sang merrily along, doing actions and all. These divine divas are the very epitome of what… Read more.

Midsumma: The Helendale Nude Footy Calendar

The Helendale Nude Footy Calendar

The intimate stories of three young queer men are laid bare in playwright Jake Stewart’s newest offering, The Helendale Nude Footy Calendar, at Bluestone Church Arts Space for Midsumma festival.     The Helendale Nude Footy Calendar explores the parallel stories of three young men growing up gay in the fictional country towns of Helendale, Karandah… Read more.

Midsumma: Technostalgia


It really is astonishing to realise how much has changed in technology ­– phones, computers, the way we listen to music, the way we watch TV – in the past 50 years. This is the subject of Jules Wilkinson’s sweetly funny 2017 Midsumma show, Technostalgi: A Story of Life, Lust and Mixtapes. Using the conceit… Read more.

Midsumma: The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince. Photo by Pia Johnson

I remember reading Oscar Wilde’s fairytale The Happy Prince when I was young, and I remember its beauty and sadness breaking my heart. I loved this story about the gilded, bejewelled statue of a past prince and his friendship with a lively swallow. Little Ones Theatre has adapted it into a captivating two-hander that features… Read more.

The Testament of Mary – Sydney Theatre Company

Alison Whyte.

History has traditionally been told through the words and stories of men, and the Gospel is no exception. Sydney Theatre Company’s first production of 2017, The Testament of Mary, seeks to counter this by presenting a compelling, unravelling monologue from the perspective of Mary, mother of Jesus (Alison Whyte), that forefronts her maternal humanity in… Read more.

The Encounter – Sydney Festival

The Encounter. Photo by Prudence Upton.

In 1969, National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre became lost in the depths of Brazil’s remote Javari Valley and found himself living amongst the Mayoruna people, a tribe with little to no contact with the outside world. He believed that he discovered the source of the Amazon River by speaking telepathically with the tribespeople. Based on… Read more.