Switzerland – Sydney Theatre Company

Eamon Farren and Sarah Pierse in Switzerland, which has received seven Sydney Theatre Award nominations. Image by Brett Boardman.

Joanna Murray-Smith’s new play Switzerland – a two-hander lovingly crafted in the image of Patricia Highsmith, exploring her last days – is an elegantly tense new play that is written so skilfully that you almost don’t realise quite how good it is. That it successfully pulls off its various twists…

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Review: Henry V – Sydney Season

Review: Henry V – Sydney Season

Bell Shakespeare has been touring Henry V through Australia since the early parts of the year, and it has arrived to finish its season in Sydney, its reputation preceding it steadily like a drumbeat: steady, and very sure. Expectations were very high for this production – and they were met.…

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Dangerfield Park at La Boite Indie

Dangerfield Park - La Boite Indie. Photo Supplied.

Sven Swenson’s second La Boite Indie production for the season, Dangerfield Park (the companion piece to Angel Gear) is a masterpiece of witty repartee with deep and important reflections on the current well-being of our society. Although strikingly different stories, there are clever underlying links between the two plays. Both…

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45Downstairs: Dreamers

Dreamers. Photo by  Jeff Busby. Jonathan Taylor, Natasha Herbert, Nicholas Bell, Paul English, Marco Chiappi and Brigid Gallacher

I wasn’t in Melbourne when the Keene/Taylor project was the darling of this city’s independent theatre scene (1997–2002), so it’s a joy to see Mary Lou Jelbart’s fortyfivedownstairs brings writer Daniel Keene and director Ariette Taylor back together with Dreamers. Dreamers. Photo by Jeff Busby. Jonathan Taylor, Natasha Herbert, Nicholas Bell, Paul…

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Totem – Entertainment Quarter, Sydney

Totem. Photo by Matt Beard.

Totem – the newest Cirque du Soleil concoction taking over the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park – is a look at evolution filtered through the kind of dazzling human circus tricks we’ve come to know and expect from the troupe. There’s a human disco ball, who descends from the roof…

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Daylight Saving – Darlinghurst Theatre Co

Ian Stenlake and Rachel Gordon in Daylight Saving. Image by Helen White.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is committed, for the next three seasons, to bringing Nick Enright’s works to the stage. They begin in appropriate place, with one of the celebrated playwright’s earlier plays: Daylight Saving, a light a romantic comedy set on that day when the clocks change and time, and therefore…

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Life Like: Passion

Photo by Ben Fon

I’m still having trouble believing that 1994’s Passion is a Sondheim–Lapine creation, let alone that it won a small pile of Tony Awards. As it’s so rarely performed, I’m not the only one who thinks so. New Melbourne company Life Like chose it as their debut piece. There are enough Sondheim diehards in town to…

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Reasons to Be Pretty

Will Pyke in Reasons to be Pretty - Underground Productions. Image Supplied.

Tell me I’m pretty and no goldfish will get hurt. In Underground Productions’ most accessible work yet, Neil LaBute’s Reasons to Be Pretty explores society’s obsession with beauty. Centred around four young working class friends (who are also coupled up), the play follows the aftermath of a seemingly off-handed comment made…

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Damon Lockwood, Greg McNeill, Steven Rooke. Gasp. Image by Gary Marsh Photography

Every once in a while a show comes along that will stay with you for a long time. Ben Elton’s satirical work Gasp! is one such show. It’s little wonder that this show has stood the test of time and still holds as much relevance as it did when it…

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