True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

True West – Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

Lee and Austin are brothers, but you’d never guess it. Both have taken very different paths in life. Austin, the younger, went to an Ivy League school, worked hard to become a writer and has the traditional wife, kids and picket fence – the American dream. Lee, the elder, has taken a wilder route –… Read more.

The Beast

Heidi Arena, Alison Bell, Rohan Nichol, Christie Whelan Browne, Toby Truslove and Eddie Perfect in The Beast. Image by Ken Nakanishi

After surviving a near-fatal fishing trip, three blokes are desperate to change their ways of life. But not too much. The Beast premiered in 2013, a commission by the Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) for the Melbourne Festival. Performer, writer and composer Eddie Perfect wrote a black comedy about bourgeois people trying to better themselves by… Read more.

Curtains – The Production Company

Simon Gleeson and Alinta Chidzey. Photo by Christopher Parker

The Australian premiere of the Broadway musical-whodunnit Curtains adds another feather to The Production Company’s cap with this polished, brisk and sophisticated laugh-a-plenty production. Peter Stone’s original book and the concept completed by Rupert Holmes is well-crafted and wittily transformed by Fred Ebb’s lyrics and John Kander’s fizzy blend of bright unmistakable Broadway-style tunes, mellow ballads and light jazz. In this Bostonian backstage-murder-mystery, Jessica Cranshaw… Read more.

The Sound of Music, Adelaide season

Amy Lehpamer as Maria in The Sound of Music. Photo by James Morgan.

The Sound of Music is best known for its 1965 film adaptation renowned for the sweeping landscapes, the catchy Rodgers and Hammerstein tunes and of course, Julie Andrews. The movie is so well known and loved that, even though The Sound of Music was originally a stage production, one cannot help but use the movie as… Read more.

Aladdin the Musical – Capitol Theatre

Ainsley Melham as Aladdin. Photo By Deen van Meer.

Disney’s Aladdin the Musical, based on the beloved 1992 film, is an incredible spectacle that’s focused more on its visual impact than its storytelling – the definition of ‘style over substance’. It’s the well-known story: ‘street rat’ Aladdin (an eager Ainsley Melham) who meets Princess Jasmine (an earnest Arielle Jacobs) by chance in the marketplace. Both feel… Read more.

Short and Sweet Festival, Brisbane

Short+Sweet - Brisbane. Image Supplied.

Short + Sweet is a festival of 10 minute-long theatre and cabaret works. Kind of like one of those degustation menu with many courses in small, digestible portions. On the night I attended, I was served sixteen fast-paced, humorous pieces dealing mainly with relationships and sex, which showcased an array of talented young performers. In ‘Boys… Read more.

Fracture – The Old Fitz

Fracture – The Old Fitz

Fracture is making its Sydney debut at the Old Fitz, a home for innovative, new Australian work that pushes boundaries and defies expectations, which seems appropriate for this insightful and intriguing thriller by first-time writer and director Lucy Clements. Charlie and his roommates live a seemingly mundane and repetitive life in their rundown Perth apartment…. Read more.

The Hanging – Sydney Theatre Company

The Hanging – Sydney Theatre Company

Iris (a youthful Ashleigh Cummings) is a 14-year-old girl who has recently escaped from boarding school with her two best friends; they were reported missing. She has turned up 48 hours later at a police station while her friends remain missing. Detective Sergeant Flint (a kind Luke Carroll) is set to interview Iris in the… Read more.

Straight White Men at La Boite

Straight-White-Male - La Boite. Image: Kate Pardey.

La Boite’s  Straight White Men, now playing at the Roundhouse theatre, seems an unlikely pick for this progressive company – but this is echoed in Young Jean Lee’s genesis for the play. She started by asking herself a question: “‘What’s the last show in the world I would ever want to make?’ and a play about… Read more.

Prince Moo’s Avenue Q

Avenue Q. Prince Moo Productions. Photo by Nicole Riseley

Ever been slapped with the realisation that your life might not turn out like the adults you looked up to in your youth had promised? Ever felt the pang of uncertainty that comes with the onset of adulthood? Avenue Q , the family-not-friendly puppet show of shows, takes on the anxieties inherent in the transition… Read more.