Drift – Australian Theatre for Young People

Lauren Pegus and Alex Packard in Drift.

As if transitioning into young adulthood isn’t hard enough, what with trying to define a unique self and working out what being a grown-up looks like, the characters in Two Peas’ Drift also have to deal with heartbreaking grief. It’s the story of a group of friends in their early 20s, some at uni, some… Read more.

The Rabble: Cain and Abel

The Rabble. Cain and Abel. Photo by Brett Boardman

The Rabble don’t make easy theatre, but it’s an easy choice to see them. Always starting with a well-known text – Orlando, Frankenstein, The Story of O,  Room of Regret (The Picture of Dorian Grey) – they deconstruct, bring the subtext to the front, and rework the text until it’s distilled into something that’s somewhat unrecognisable but holds the essence of… Read more.

La Mama: Nought Point Five Above Zero No Wind.

Nought Point Five Above Zero No Wind

It’s Christmas and Laura is visiting her grandmother; athough this year it doesn’t feel like Christmas – for either of them. Laura and Mummi stare at each other across the intimate traverse space; one that is framed by dirt and illuminated by soft candlelight. The silence is broken by a date and time check. And… Read more.

We Will Rock You opens at QPAC

We Will Rock You. Image Supplied.

Part rock concert, part musical, We Will Rock You opened last week in QPAC’s Lyric Theatre and although the plot is not a literary masterpiece, a standing ovation was proof that the audience didn’t need textual depth to having a rollicking good time. If you were a teen in the era of cassette tapes, then… Read more.

Retrofuturismus New World

Gabi Barton. Photo by Ponch Hawkes

There’s a gap between nostalgia and embracing retro fashions, as there’s a chasm between the future world we want and the one we’re likely to have. This space in between is where Retrofuturismus New World create, dream and play; where they fill the emptiness with feminist performance art that questions itself and dares its audience… Read more.

Bryce Halliday’s ‘Back to Basics’

Bryce Halliday’s ‘Back to Basics’

Bryce ‘Back to Basics’ is an entertaining and thoughtful cabaret. Featuring the best of Halliday’s original songs and a couple of covers, he shares stories from his childhood, his pet peeves, and a few interesting historical facts (for some reason). Halliday, last seen at the Hayes in his On The Spot Musical (a longform improv… Read more.

StageArt: Titanic, the Musical

Titanic, the Musical. StageArt

StageArt’s new chamber version of Titanic, the Musical is a compelling interpretation of rarely-performed piece, which opened on Broadway in 1997 and won five Tony Awards. From its inception RMS Titanic was a ship of mythic proportions. The story of its ill-fated maiden voyage is conveyed with a sensitivity that doesn’t lose any sense of… Read more.

Simon Burke: Something About Always – Hayes Cabaret Season

Simon Burke

Simon Burke’s cabaret, Something About Always, was populated on its Saturday matinee mostly by people in the entertainment business and older audience members, it seemed, many of them couples, the kind you suspect have followed his career for its whole forty years. It was a comfortable audience and Burke clearly felt comfortable, moving through his script… Read more.

Bicycle – The Old Fitz

Danielle Baynes. Photo credit Matt Ralph.

Bicycle, currently in the late-show slot at the Old Fitz, is an entertaining and insightful feminist commentary on writing, creativity and society, and, delightfully, with an element of vampiric legend mixed in for good-measure. Our 19th century protagonist (a naïve and ambitious Danielle Baynes, who also wrote the script) has been gifted a bicycle by… Read more.