MICF: Hannah Gadsby – Dogmatic

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby and Taylor Swift are two names I never imagined to utter in the same sentence. However, Gadsby uses the 1989 concert set up as a background to her show. Featuring a mix of Tay-Tay tracks, sequined jackets and numerous videos and photos featuring her dog Doug Hastings, Gadsby has a delightfully dry wit… Read more.

MICF: Celia Pacquola – The Looking Glass

Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola is a true gem of the Australian comedy scene and her new show allows her radiant charm to shine through. Focusing on the joys of being a single, 33-year-old woman, Pacquola covers a number of topics one would expect to hear from such a set, including internet dating, cat cafes, periods and the… Read more.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Andrew Hondromatidis, Teresa Duddy, Sage Douglas. Photo by James Terry

Vic Theatre Company unpacks the battered plastic lunchbox of adolescence in their newest production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, playing at MTC’s Lawler Theatre. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee pretty much does what it says on the tin. As an audience, we witness a group of ten of Putnam County’s… Read more.

MICF: The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne Cliffhanger

MICF: The Big HOO-HAA! Melbourne Cliffhanger

With different casts for each performance, Cliffhanger showcases some of Melbourne’s finest improv talents in the delightful surrounds of the Butterfly Club. At the mercy of the audience and whatever wonderful and wacky ideas they may throw at the two teams of three, the cast battle it out to create the most inventive cliffhanger sketches… Read more.

MICF: Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar

MICF: Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d get if you took an Enid Blyton novel and pumped it full of really nasty hallucinogens, then wonder no more – Yeti’s Demon Dive Bar severs all mooring to traditional logic and takes us far away to a nightmarish, adults-only fairytale realm. Hyper-absorbent yetis thrive in the hospitality industry,… Read more.

Review: New Theatre’s That Eye, The Sky

Photo credit Bob Seary

New Theatre’s That Eye, The Sky, based on the quintessentially Australian novel by Tim Winton, examines through the eyes of thirteen year old Ort Flack life’s big questions: spirituality, faith and the point of existence. Ort’s family is struggling. Along with caring for his senile grandmother, his father has had a serious car accident and… Read more.

Review: Montague Basement’s Kaleidoscope

Review: Montague Basement’s Kaleidoscope

Montague Basement’s Kaleidoscope invites us into Gabriel’s bedroom. He’s grappling with adulthood, identity and relationships, not to mention being transgender and queer in a less-than understanding society. By young playwright Charles O’Grady, Kaleidoscope is both touching and funny, using an insightful framework – Gabe’s morning routine – to take us through his insecurities, anxieties, and… Read more.

Review: Fiddler on the Roof – Capitol Theatre, Sydney

Monica Swayne (far right) as Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof. Photo by Jeff Busby.

Fiddler opened on Broadway in 1964, the same year as Funny Girl, Hello Dolly! and Man of La Mancha. It was an exciting time in musical theatre history, where stories were starting to become more cohesive, with meaningful plots and ambitious storylines. With a swelling, high-stakes and lovely score by Jerry Bock, and deceptively simple lyrics… Read more.

MICF: Paul Bourke, Vladimir the Crow – Whispering Ghoul

Paul Bourke at MICF

A dark, yet strangely funny play about our innate desire to connect with others. After opening a portal to another world where darkness rules, the audience are drawn into Vladimir’s loneliness and eccentric nature over the course of the show. A lost creature who craves approval and attention, the audience become a part of the… Read more.

MICF: Adrienne Truscott’s A One-Trick Pony!

Adrienne Truscott at MICF

  After performing pantsless in Asking For It, Adrienne Truscott is wrestling with the question “Am I a comedian (sorry, comedienne) or am I a performance artist?” Like Zoe Coombs Marr in Trigger Warning, Adrienne is tackling “difficult second album syndrome” – how do you follow up a show that was so challenging and so… Read more.