MICF: Lisa-Skye Spiders Wearing Party Hats

MICF:  Lisa-Skye Spiders Wearing Party Hats

Lisa-Skye is a warm and cheerful performer filled with love and laughter.   This show provides an honest and engaging look into Lisa-Skye’s colourful world and is filled with stories about the various roles she has taken on in life as part of her experience with the polyamory community. It is refreshing to hear a… Read more.

MICF: The Mighty Little Puppet Show

MICF: The Mighty Little Puppet Show

As if improvised comedy wasn’t already a high-wire act; increase the level of difficulty by adding in puppets. The Mighty Little Puppet Show is a long-held dream of actor, comedian and Time Lord, Rob Lloyd. And this tight 45-minute show proves, the format has a lot of potential. The puppets have no faces; they start… Read more.

MICF: Dolly Diamond – Alive, Intimate & Up Late

Dolly Diamond MICF 2016

Dolly Diamond is getting better and better with each new show. Resplendent in sequins, high heels and giant hair, in Alive, Intimate & Up Late she sings beautifully and works the audience as only she can do. Dolly’s collaboration here with pianist Mark Jones is a stroke of genius – Jones is able to match… Read more.

MICF: Grant Busé – The Late Night Sexy Show

Grant Busé

Grant Busé is a performer who definitely knows how to put on a very sexy show. Armed with his trusty guitar, Busé charms the audience with a mixture of original songs and pop music medleys while slowly stripping for the very appreciative crowd. His laid-back and easygoing presence means that no one feels uneasy and… Read more.

Rhys Nicholson – Bona Fide

Rhys Nicholson. Photo Supplied.

”You know when you’re half-asleep and someone proposes to you really badly?”, well Rhys Nicholson does. Fresh off a successful stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Rhys is back in Australia with his new show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival. As a 25 year old, Rhys is surrounded by friends getting engaged and married –… Read more.

MICF: Jude Perl – Part of This Complete Breakfast

Jude Perl

Jude Perl recently won a Green Room Award for her 2015 MICF show, Is It Me? I wouldn’t be surprised if this excellent show puts her in the running for more awards. Perl is one of those comedians whose material straddles the line between hilarious and uncomfortable. She picks a spot in your conscience –… Read more.

MICF: Jan van de Stool – I Get the Music in You

Jan van de Stool - I Get the Music in You

Music theatre star Queenie Van De Zandt’s hilarious creation Jan van de Stool, international music therapist, is like a cross between Joyce Grenfell’s exasperated kindergarten teacher and Little Britain’s judgemental diet group leader Marjorie Dawes. At this introductory session at the Woy Woy Scout Hall, Jan is supported by Helen, her able and occasionally cheeky… Read more.

MICF: Tripod – 101 Hits


In their twentieth anniversary year, Tripod is letting fate decide which songs they sing each night. It’s a nostalgia trip for performers and audience alike. It’s always a shock to the system to remember the ‘90s were nearly 20 years ago, but at least this show – a selection from Tripod’s 101 Hits songbook –… Read more.