Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

The Pavilion Theatre,

From: 01 Jun 2012 To: 23 Jun 2012

Presented by:
The Castle Hill Players


$25 full $20 concession

Weds. Fri. Sat 8:15, Sun 4:30[,



In perhaps the most famous love story in the English language, Romeo and Juliet brings love to life!

This is not a romantic, soft, poetic love, but a love so surprising and compelling that it pushes the lovers to break through all obstacles and defy all restriction.

Set in our present-day against a backdrop of feuding families in gang-like warfare, arranged marriages and secret liaisons, this production of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy brings to our stage some of the most beautiful language and universal themes in all of theatre – themes that are as real and relevant today as they were when first written.

“We have to open up our doors to a new and excited group of younger performers, directors and stagehands – this play provides ample opportunity for that with 17 people playing 21 roles, many of them younger, and many of them on stage at CHP (or anywhere) for the first time.” Director- Peter Rhodes

Starring Jessica Paterson as Juliet and Jack Crumlin as Romeo
with Phil Lye, Jordan Anderson, Plaurent Ilesmi, Tom Sniden, Madeleine Stanford, Tiffany Hoy, Jawad Beedar, Marc Kay, Margaret Olive, Dennis Channels, Annette Snars, Jack Crumlin, Todd Beilby, Sandy Velini, Robert Snars and Stephen Snars.