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    I’m impressed with the excellent selection of shows coming to Australia in 2016/17 – it looks like Australian musical theatre is going from strength to strength. Having said that, there haven’t been many shows confirmed for late 2016 onwards (compared to early 2016), so I’m expecting to hear some more shows announced soon. I’ve heard various rumours but nothing definite.

    Shows I’ve heard rumours about…
    – Pricilla (after NZ)
    – Hedwig
    – Miss Siagon
    – Pippin (after the US tour/Amsterdam production)
    – Jekyll and Hyde (rumour that it might go ahead eventually)
    – Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
    – Finding Neverland

    Has anyone heard any other rumours? What shows would you like to see here?



    I heard a rumour from a performer that Billy Elliot would be getting a revival. I never saw it the first time around so I’m not opposed to it. I’ve heard Hedwig too – as the tour opens in San Francisco the day after I leave I’m pretty excited, but that will depend on casting. I’m sure there was a Cinderella rumour too, but that was awhile back.

    I’d like to see Newsies, especially as Euan Doidge not being Aladdin frees him up to play Jack.



    I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt Billy Elliott would get a revival. It’s such a huge undertaking to train and care for all those children while the show is running. It doesn’t seem the sort of show you can do on the cheap or have a short three month run. It would need a long run to make money and, with so much competition at the moment, a long run would be difficult.

    Do we think Finding Neverland would run here? It had such terrible reviews in New York. I think they’d need some big name casting here. Maybe Anthony Warlow would be interested in reprising his role as Hook.

    Jekyll and Hyde has had so many false starts here, I just can’t see it happening.

    I think Cinderella could have a long successful run here, it has the ‘family’ appeal, which seems to be important for the big productions these days



    Expect a return of Dusty sometime soon…

    Miss Saigon – slated for a 2017 national tour

    EVITA is also a likely contender for 2017

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is likely to be part of one of the major theatre companies subscriptions seasons in 2017.



    Will ‘Curious Incident’ be a touring international production? Like ‘History Boys’, or ‘One Man Two Guvnors’



    I think it will be an Australian production 🙂



    Do we really need Dusty?

    I heard The Secret Garden was also slated for a revival. Does anyone know anything about that?


    Fidning Neverland will happen 2017 with Warlow reprising his role, Cinderella will be Opera Auustralia’s next musical venture.
    Dreamlover is currently casting for a September-ish season in Sydney, GFO producing with Simon Phillips at the helm.

    According to rumour mill we’ll have a Phantom return sooner rather than later.



    Producer Michael Cassel is making an announcement next month about a future new Broadway musical to open in Australia. Can we expect to see Hamilton or Finding Neverland making its way here in the not-so-distant future???



    Ohhh fingers crossed for Finding Neverland or Hamilton!



    I’m excited for Finding Neverland with Warlow in the role.

    Beautiful: The Carole King Musical could also be good – there is a bit of interest around – especially with the tribute show currently touring Australia

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