Akio! Physical theatre in time for the school holidays

Akio! will be Hayes Theatre Co’s first production aimed for both kids and kids at heart (ages 8-13 and then up, up, up), and they have programmed it in July, just in time for the school holidays.  

AKIO! reminds me of a universal dream,” said Sascha Hall, Producer, Blue Theatre Company.  “To be our own hero in life. Our children will see themselves in AKIO! as we empower our hero’s of the future.


It will star Demitra Alexandria, Clancy Carraway, Kevin Clayette, Ellie Stewart, Aaron Sweeten, Chanelle Freeland , Khanh Trieu, (AussieTheatre’s own) Chris Fung, and Ashleigh Lindsay, and it’s designed to be educational, uplifting, and, of course, entertaining.

 AKIO! is a shy young boy who is bullied at school and spends his waking hours immersed in video games. The only thing that can draw his attention away from them is Harumi, the girl of his dreams.

The adventure begins when a strange chain of events lead AKIO! and Harumi to be sucked into a video game world.  When Harumi is kidnapped by a powerful, villainous creature, AKIO! has to save her but where will he get his strength? Where will he find his bravery? How will he stand up and face fear head on?

In his quest to rescue Harumi, AKIO! will meet wise friends and terrifying monsters, all the while learning what makes a hero, what defines a villain; and perhaps how the two are not so different after all. Through power of will and strength of heart, AKIO! learns the most powerful weapon of all… but you’ll have to see it to find out what that is!

AKIO! is a physical theatre piece, combining acting, dance, choreography, movement, sound and audio-visual design to tell a universal, coming-of-age tale.  Inspired by Japanese theatre-maker Tadashi Suzuki and his philosophies of theatre performance and culture, AKIO! is a marriage of cultures into one uplifting story of love, bravery, courage and discipline.

Theatrically, it explores the beauty of the human body, as it weaves Japanese mythology and gaming culture into an adventure to be enjoyed by all ages.  A celebration of childhood, AKIO! is love and learning to understand and accept your enemy in the face of violence.

Blue Theatre Company, behind AKIO!, offers new, creative and positive ways to approach the subject of mental illness. Blue Theatre respects that these issues are sensitive; though statistics show high levels of our population suffering from one or more symptoms of mental illness in everyday life. Their angle is to approach these delicate subjects with hope, humour, education, and positive enlightenment.

Blue Theatre Company offers self-growth and education to audiences; to help people turn fear into new possibilities and passion. If we plant the seeds, its roots can spread and help people; create, discover and inspire.

 “To create theatre and remain creative in this world is a privilege and we intend to be brave and honest when sharing this gift,” said Ms Hall.

“Our performances will be food for the heart and soul, working to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and empowering people to seek help.”

 Akio! will run from 4 – 12 July, and tickets are sure to disappear first. To book, and for more information, visit  www.hayestheatre.com.au

Cassie Tongue

Cassie is a theatre critic and arts writer in Sydney, and is the deputy editor of AussieTheatre. She has written for The Guardian, Time Out Sydney, Daily Review, and BroadwayWorld Australia. She is a voter for the Sydney Theatre Awards.

Cassie Tongue

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