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Les Mis movie trailer released


The much anticipated Tom Hooper movie adaptation of Les Miserables starring Australian actors Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman has released its official trailer this week.

Featuring Anne Hathaway as Fantine, (Princess Diaries, Bride Wars) ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is the sombre ballad backdrop for our first glimpse at the multi million dollar movie musical, and the trailer is sure to pique the interest of musical buffs and movie lovers across the world.

Interestingly, the first official trailer does not feature either Hugh Jackman or Russell Crowe in a vocal capacity, so fans will have to wait until subsequent sneak peaks are released, or perhaps until the film itself comes blazing onto our screens on Boxing Day 2012.

What do you think? Would you like to see Jackman’s Valjean and Crowe’s Javert battle it out on screen?

Take a look at the trailer and have your say below!


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