Officer and a Gentleman writer rebukes review

An Officer and a Gentleman LogoAn interesting stoush in The Australian today:

Douglas Day Stewart, the Officer and Gentleman who wrote the screenplay for the iconic film An Officer and a Gentleman and co-wrote the world premiere musical which debuted last week in Sydney, has written a piece published on the national newspaper’s website rebutting Deborah Jones’ review of the show.

Douglas Day Stewart:

It was an “execution” by someone clearly unable to feel human emotion, or to put it in a kinder way, by someone whose highbrow tastes do not represent you.
Douglas Day Stewart, The Australian

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Deborah Jones:

An Officer and a Gentleman — the film — may not be a masterpiece, but it has heart and the scrappy world it creates is believable. The musical offers only a bloodless facsimile with a borrowed image at the end to satisfy the customers.Deborah Jones, The Australian

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  • Janeyd88

    What a joke! Your show sucks. Get over it!

  • Les Solomon

    There is no more impossibly stupid way to react to a bad review than to write a letter bagging the critics. It is a practice so naive it seems inconceivable that someone of Mr Stewart’s experience does not know better. All it achieves is draw attention to the bad review, which many people would not have seen but who will now furiously search it out. I also cant help wondering why he particularly picked the review in “The Australian” or is he already hard at work drawing attention to the reviews in some of the other papers who have criticised the show. 

  • Maria Lawrie

    I LOVED the show!

    • Ashley

       We know Maria. We heard you the first 11,000 times.

  • Ron Biver

    Why would you make a MUSICAL of the movie OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, even as a movie, it was NOT GREAT, another movie turned into musical LEGALLY BLOND, even on Broadway and the West End didn’t last, it will not last long in Sydney, I call these type of musicals, SILLY SHOWS!!!!!.

  • Helen Betts

    I was thankful that my son and daughter-in-law flew me from Melbourne to Sydney to see An Officer and a Gentleman for Mother’s Day.   I thought the show was outstanding,  not to mention the physical fitness of the crew.   Bravo.  Helen Betts  

Officer and a Gentleman writer rebukes review