Wolf Creek and Neighbours alumni take to the Melbourne stage

Things not to do after a breakup - Cast
The cast of Things Not To Do After a Breakup, Melbourne

Melbourne’s Revolt Productions has a brand new romantic comedy in the offing that will not be hard up in its search for an audience. Written by acclaimed dramatist Wayne Tunks, Things Not to Do After a Break Up makes its debut at Revolt Theatre on June 14 with a stellar cast in tow.

Kestie Morassi and Cassandra McGrath, of Aussie cinema classic Wolf Creek, reunite alongside Neighbours alumni Elise Jansen, and Kevin Hofbauer, Luke Arnold and Todd Morgan in a show that takes a concerted look at the mistakes we make after the unheralded departure of that special someone.

The play centres on the story of Lauren (Morassi), who searches for closure following the simultaneous departure of her boyfriend and her literary agent by making a case study of the many ways we self-sabotage in the wake of a relationships end.

Her colourful friends become the subjects of interviews as she writes of Facebook rants, burnt clothes and sexual encounters with that ex’s best friend and discovers the myriad of Things Not to Do After a Break Up.

Written and directed by Wayne Tunks the show promises to be “a fun show with loads of laughs, loads of heart, and those awkward moments we all know so well. We all have break ups and we all swear we’ll do it better the next time – but we never do.”

Things Not to Do After a Break Up opens June 14 at the Revolt Theatre in Kensington, Melbourne and runs through to June 30.

Tickets are available through www.revoltproductions.com and at the box-office.


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  • Go Kestie xx

  • Arts lover

    I attended the opening last night and despite the usual minor glitches you come to expect at an opening, it was a fantastic show. The audience seemed to deeply relate to disorray the characters found their circle of friends in, post breakdown of the couple central to the groups interaction. This play epitomizes the lack of activity in and support of the dramatic arts at present. An amazing cast and playwrite/actor come together in this intimate venue putting on a show that feels like its just for you. Until the eighty seat auditorium erupts with laughter that is. Make the most of the current climate before demand sees the need to shift this brilliant play to a larger venue.

Wolf Creek and Neighbours alumni take to the Melbourne stage