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Keira Daley – LadyNerd


on Wednesday 13 June 2012

Keira Daley in LadyNerd

Until I saw this show, I thought I was doing well. Sure, I know a little too much about theatre, I’ve corrected the odd spelling or grammar on Facebook (it’s not hard people!) and I can recognise the theme to Super Mario Bros. Okay so maybe I’m not so cool, but if Keira Daley’s LadyNerd is anything to go by, I’m a part of an elite group of women.

Daley is celebrating the achievements of the nerds. Not just any nerd though, the female of the species. An underestimated, often overlooked and rarely celebrated group of women. Did you know that the mother of one of the hit band members The Monkeys invented liquid paper?  How about the fact that the first computer program was invented by the legendary poet, Keats’ daughter about 150 years before computers were invented?

LadyNerd is a well structured piece of cabaret that is not only informative but also  entertaining – especially for those of us who identify far too well. Daley presents each story with huge gusto and enthusiasm, although at times this gusto is perhaps a bit too big for the intimacy of the Artspace.

The combination of songs chosen each move the story along and are well performed by Daley, accompanied by Mark Chamberlain on keys (and various other instruments).

While this production will not be everyone’s taste, for those of us who are closeted nerds and identify a little too much, there’s plenty to entertain from a tight production with good performers and a comprehensive script.

And remember, “Florence Nightingale is the Chuck Norris of nerds”.

LadyNerd ran as part of the 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Festival 13 – 14 June.  

For more information visit www.adelaidecabaretfestival.com.au.

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