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Australian musical comedy trio, Tripod, have returned to Adelaide with their new show Men of Substance. Having entertained audiences with wit, parody and satire for sixteen years (that’s right, the band is now ‘legal’!), Tripod have moved on from their previously immature ways and grown up. Well, kinda.

Tripod. Image by Lynton Crabb
Tripod. Image by Lynton Crabb

Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and Gatesy (Steven Gates) take to the stage with shirts unbuttoned and dance moves that send the audience into hysterics. The band, each member encroaching 40 years of age, can’t maintain this frivolity and exuberance for long and settle for a more sensible and mature form of entertainment (thankfully with shirts buttoned!)

Their music is as clever as ever and the banter is exceptional. Historically many of Tripod’s gags involve comic observation (often at the expense of Yon), and in this new and sophisticated chapter of their career, not much has changed.

[pull_left]Tripod, with their show Men of Substance, have mellowed and matured and the result is an outstanding, hilarious and incredibly engaging family cabaret show. Highly recommended![/pull_left]

The three members combine beautifully and demonstrate absolute confidence on stage. While not always musically perfect, the lyrical content, performance enthusiasm and action (my eyes were mostly drawn to Yon, such a funny man) was more than enough create a wonderful cabaret experience.

Yon, who is clawing his way to becoming the ‘good-looking’ band member, performs the showstopper – uncomfortably telling his son how he met his wife. This song is a comic highlight which absolutely brings down the house (in several interpretations of the phrase).

Another highlight was the instructional musical masterpiece that has finally clarified all of my questions regarding ‘Business Activity Statements’.

Tripod, with their show Men of Substance, have mellowed and matured and the result is an outstanding, hilarious and incredibly engaging family cabaret show. Highly recommended!

Men of Substance (Adelaide Cabaret Festival)
Review Date:Thursday 21 June 2012
Presented By:Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Venue:Banquet Room
Opening Date:21/06/2012
Closing Date:23/06/2012

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Men of Substance – Tripod