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So Blue, So Calm – Melbourne Fringe 2011



 Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011  Presented by: Mutation TheatreVenue: Travellers Bookstore, 294 Smith St. Collingwood (Vic) Wednesday 5 October 2011

So Blue, So CalmI keep re-living the moment when I walked into the brand new theatre space of Mutation Theatre’s So Blue So Calm. It was as if I suddenly stumbled off the street to find a tiny piece of paradise waiting to comfort me. James Tresise and Matthew Epps transport the audience through an honest and sensitive collection of stories, questions and thought. We hear of travelling, fashion, Aqua Man, relationships, childhood, water sprinklers, love letters, Centrelink….Tresise and Epps both have a vulnerable quality about them as they lure you into their lazy afternoon in the backyard. We smile and laugh with them. We enjoy their company. Patrick McCathy has crafted a beautiful piece of theatre. It is gentle, raw, heartfelt, exposing…. And what a glorious set design! You feel a sense of freedom to the soul, listening to conversations and expressions of wonder, heartbreak and happiness. At certain times I tuned out, and there were moments when I felt drained. Maybe it was because I found myself thinking about personal memories; ones I hadn’t thought of in years. There was such a commitment to the work, that Tresise and Epps should be commended for this in itself. We watch the boys ponder in silence on numerous occasions. Time stands still; and has never felt so inviting. Mutation theatre has kept to its word  - aiming to awaken the senses through insightful and holistic experimental theatre. So Blue So Calm is not a complete revelation but it is simple, and a breath of fresh air. That’s the beauty of it. Keep your eyes peeled for this great little company. Promising, promising stuff! Season Closed
melbournefringe.com.au  Written and Directed by Patrick McCarthy. Performed by James Tresise and Matthew Epps 


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