The Screwtape Letters – Canberra Theatre Centre

The Screwtape Letters – Canberra Theatre Centre

There are many ways that Hell could be represented on stage. Walking into The Courtyard Studio of the Canberra Theatre Centre to find an office straight out of a Sherlock Holmes novel was, needless to say, not what I expected. This austere academic venue is wallpapered by a brewing, luminous storm scene, the first suggestion… Read more.

This, This is Mine – Corinthian Food Store Collective

This, This is Mine

Sitting in a cosy living room mingling with the artistic directors of a show isn’t your typical theatre experience, but it’s an essential part of the Corinthian Food Store Collective’s This, This Is Mine. Founded in 2012 by two NIDA alumni and expanding to a core group of dramatists, The Corinthian Food Store Collective is… Read more.