Chimerica – Roslyn Packer Theatre

Chimerica. Image by Brett Boardman.

The light comes up on a group of people standing clad in white, backs to the audience. They are holding a plastic shopping bag in each hand. It is an image of naïve heroism – an act of defiance in an attempt to change a nation. It is the image of the ‘Unknown hero’,  of… Read more.

Calamity Jane – Hayes Theatre Co

Credit: John Mcrae.

With a woman who refuses to shrink down into the boxes her society assigns her, a rowdy saloon in the middle of the Wild West, strongly hinted queer subtext, and an immersive theatre experience, One Eyed Man Production’s Calamity Jane has something for everyone. And if none of that sparks your interest, it boasts an incredibly… Read more.

On impressions and Diva Moments: Christina Bianco

On impressions and Diva Moments: Christina Bianco

When Christina Bianco received acclaim among the theatre community for her Broadway impressions a few years ago, she never dreamed that touring the world with her talents would be possible. Armed with only YouTube analytics in the beginning to guide her toward an international audience, she has continued to grow in popularity and will soon… Read more.