Production Manager


Carriageworks is Australia’s leading multi-arts institution. The Carriageworks Artistic Program is ambitious, risk taking and provides significant support to leading Australian and international artists through producing contemporary work. The Production Manager is responsible for the technical planning and delivery of the Carriageworks Program. You will have proven ability to plan,…

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Birdie Productions debuts with Hot Shoe Shuffle

Daryl Somers (Max), Erin Bruce (April) and Luke Alleva (Spring), Birdie Productions Hot Shoe Shuffle.
Photo Grant Leslie, Perfect Images.

“A brave act in itself.” That’s how television veteran Daryl Somers described the birth of Birdie Productions, a new Bankstown-based independent theatre company launched by Executive Producer Rodney Bertram and his wife Pearl. The story of how the company’s first production Hot Shoe Shuffle came together glows with the sunny optimism of an…

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Seaton Kay-Smith, The Carnival of Regret:The haunted fairground


Ringmaster Seaton Kay-Smith unleashes the comically bizarre in his haunted fairground, ‘The Carnival of Regret’! Two performances: 13 May & 15 May 2015, 8.15 pm Ages 15+ ‘The Carnival of Regret’ exposes the freakishly funny via Seaton’s trademark quick-fire one-liners, music and visual comedy in an absurd narrative that examines…

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