Music for the Silver Screen

Music for the Silver Screen

Music for the Silver Screen is a concert, showcasing some of the most beautiful numbers written over decades for the silver screen. Performed by the voices of Mosman Musical Society and the orchestra of Mosman Music Club. The two concerts (12 March at 2pm and 4.30pm) includes light refreshments after each concert and you will… Read more.

You and Me and the Space Between – Sydney Festival

You and Me and the Space Between

Good children’s stories usually have deeper meaning beneath the surface. Often our favourite childhood tales contain messages for bigger issues. The Harry Potter series is about learning to cope with death. The Lorax teaches kids about climate change and the environment. Roald Dahl’s catalogue nstruct on the importance of kindness, education and believing in yourself…. Read more.

Jasper Jones – Belvoir Return Season

Tom Conroy and Guy Simon in Jasper Jones. Image by Lisa Tomasetti.

We go to the theatre for the stories. We go to practise empathy and experience the lives of people whose stories are both similar and different to our own. Theatre’s mainstream sibling, cinema, is often saturated by Hollywood films, so, we rely on theatre to tell the local Australian stories that don’t find voices elsewhere…. Read more.

Cabaret – Hayes Theatre Co

Paul Capsis and company. Photo by John McRae.

“Life is a cabaret, old chum!” It’s one of the most recognisable lines in the history of musical theatre. Even the title, Cabaret, rings a bell to those unfamiliar with musicals. Opening on Broadway in 1966, the musical became a cultural sensation, captured forever in the 1972 film adaptation starring Liza Minnelli. It was further… Read more.

Huff – Sydney Festival

Sydney - January 22, 2017: A scene from Huff, showing at the 2017 Sydney Festival (photo by Jamie Williams/Sydney Festival)

Wind is attempting to commit suicide with a plastic bag over his head. It’s a shock laced with black humour; he’s tried this before, he tells us wryly. He even details the process at which the a person begins to suffocate – “I would know,” he says. This is Huff,  a solo show by Cliff… Read more.