Winners: 32nd Green Room Awards

Maria Mercedes

The winners of Melbourne’s 32nd Annual Green Room Awards were announced tonight at the Comedy Theatre. Cabaret Production Eurosmash: Die Roten Punkte Artiste Geraldine Quinn: All Out Of Pride and MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt Writing Ash Flanders: Special Victim Musical Direction Jane Patterson: Ginger & Tonic’s Desperate & Dateless Original Songs…

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Melbourne Green Room Awards Announced Tonight

Green Room Awards Logo

The 32nd Annual Green Room Association announces the 2014 award winners at a ceremony at the Comedy Theatre tonight. Recognising outstanding achievements in Melbourne theatre, 60 awards decided by panels of peers will be awarded for Cabaret, Contemporary and Experimental Performance, Dance, Independent Theatre, Music Theatre, Opera and Theatre Companies. The award…

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MICF Award Nominations Announced

Luisa Omielan

The worst thing about the announcement Melbourne International Comedy Festival is that there isn’t enough time to see all the shows you’ve missed. But, you can give it a good go because the festival doesn’t finish until Sunday. 2015 Melbourne Comedy Festival Barry Award Nominations Luisa Omielan: What Would Beyonce Do?!…

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Malthouse: Meme Girls

Meme Girls. Ash Flanders & Art Simone

YouTube is only ten years old. Like Facebook and Twitter, it’s already hard to imagine life without it. And enough people have now grown up thinking that opening your life and your secrets to the world isn’t strange. Meme Girls at Malthouse Theatre is about searching for identity by confiding to strangers…

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MICF: Boris and Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure

Boris and Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure

As they may or may not say in the music halls, “Everybody loves puppets!” and apparently, as has been exceedingly demonstrated in recent years by the likes of Avenue Q, Henson Alternative’s Puppet Up!, the dirtier the better. Truly, there is a peculiar and undeniable appeal in witnessing an otherwise…

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MICF: Spit & Polish

Dave Thornton

Dave Thornton’s Spit & Polish doesn’t need any elbow grease, despite what the name might suggest; it’s already a lively and entertaining little gem of a show with plenty of appeal. As one half of Fox FM’s Fifi and Dave, it’s a nice change to see Thornton outside of the…

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