Unmasking Prince Charming

Unmasking Prince Charming

Unmasking Prince Charming dares to ask the real questions of our Disney heroes: Does ‘happily ever after’ really exist? Is it romantic to join your neighbour in song, after breaking into their house? Is it ok to kiss someone when they’re unconscious?   This oh so charming one-man cabaret, is fuelled by a lifetime of want-to-be fairytale… Read more.

Front of House attendants

Front of House attendants

Front of House Staff Battlefield Blues – Melbourne VIC Volunteer The Melbourne Fringe Festival season of Battlefield Blues- a roving, interactive, outdoor kids comedy adventure show about chess pieces that are alive and presented at the Abbotsford Convent are looking for two Front of House volunteers for our shows. If you love kids, comedy and… Read more.

MTC: Betrayal

Betrayal. Photo by Shane Reid

Following seasons in Adelaide and Canberra, Geordie Brookman’s production of Harold Pinter’s 1978 play Betrayal has opened at the MTC. Inspired by the writer’s own relationships, it’s a remarkable exploration of betrayal from the irrelevant to the heartbreaking, and the personal to the professional. It opens with Emma (Alison Bell) and Jerry (Nathan O’Keefe) meeting… Read more.

Arts House chat: Kate McIntosh

Kate McIntosh. Photo by Robin Junicke

Musician Kate McIntosh was born in New Zealand and lives in Brussels. Her new work, All Ears, runs at Arts House in North Melbourne from 3 to 6 September. Her live music is described as an “improvised laboratory for unusual recordings and acoustic experiments” where everyday objects like glasses, paper and chairs become part of… Read more.

Arts House: Confusion for Three

Confusion For Three

Choreographed by Jo Lloyd, Confusion for Three highlights the varying degrees of confusion, misinterpretation and delusions that arise from the act of communication. The North Melbourne Town Hall is completely empty but for a large white square in the centre of the space. It is in this square that the three performers (Rebecca Jensen, Shian… Read more.