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Adelaide in 2015: A Year In The Arts

Adelaide Festival Centre. Image: supplied

2015 has been a mixed year in the world of South Australian Arts. Big names in big Festivals have attracted big audiences. The State has seen Federal Arts funding de-funded and syphoned off by the Abbott/Brandis team only then to be partially re-funded by Prime Minister Turnbull’s team. Our own State Government has cut funding… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Love Songs For Sir Les

Sir Les Patterson. Image supplied.

In Love Songs For Sir Les, Barry Humphries bids farewell to his one and only stint as the Artistic Director to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival with an ode to the outrageously disgusting Sir Les Patterson. Backed by the hard-working and virtuoso Adelaide Art Orchestra, Ali McGregor began the love-fest with a jazzy and appropriately sultry… Read more.

Eddie Perfect and Ali McGregor announced as joint artistic directors of Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Eddie Perfect and Ali McGregor announced as joint artistic directors of Adelaide Cabaret Festival

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival have named stars Ali McGregor and Eddie Perfect as co-artistic directors of the biggest cabaret festival in the world. Perfect and McGregor, both of whom performed in this year’s festival, helmed by Barry Humphries, will take over the reins for 2016-2017 after Humphries’ one year stint as Artistic Director. The news was… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – 27 Club

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – 27 Club

It’s an exclusive club of the greats. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse are all members, and all coincidentally died at 27 years old. Henry Wagons MC’s this nostalgic trip down music-legend-memory-lane apparently as a cross-roads demon or some such, implying entry to this exclusive club involves selling… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Art Lite (Hannah Gadsby)

Hannah Gadsby

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival, where there are no rules, becomes a classroom in Hannah Gadsby’s show, Art Lite. Armed with a lectern, a PowerPoint presentation and a nifty laser pointer, Gadsby’s class is not one to be missed! Gadsby, in true lecture series style, clearly outlines the learning objectives. It is obvious from the outset… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – The Narelles

The Narelles. Photo by wombat

Two decades worth of hits, innumerable studio albums, scandals, image revamps, an unwavering rock and roll lifestyle and delusions of grandeur. This could describe several well-known rock bands – in this instance, the forgotten Australian band: The Narelles. Having stood the test of time, The Narelles are now astounding cabaret audiences with renditions of the… Read more.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Exposing Edith

Photo: Mark Wojt

Edith Piaf is one of the most recognisable voices to come out of Europe with her guttural rolling of R’s and belty chansons, any music-lover would be well aware of her unique vocal stylings. While this production may be a celebration of Piaf’s centenary with her life sadly ending almost sixty years ago, the ‘little… Read more.