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A graduate’s tale: Expect the Unexpected

Jens Radda

If there’s one thing you can plan for, it’s expecting your plans to change. So, me six months ago: I’m about to graduate from WAAPA, move over East and enter an industry with some of the most talented people in the country. I literally have no idea what I’m in for or if I’m going… Read more.

‘Coffee With’ continues with WAAPA graduates Stephanie Wall, Jens Radda and Matthew Manahan

‘Coffee With’ continues with WAAPA graduates Stephanie Wall, Jens Radda and Matthew Manahan is thrilled to confirm the return of our regular ‘Coffee With’ column this year, featuring weekly updates from three graduates of WAAPA’s musical theatre course. The much loved ‘Coffee With…’ column, initially ran from 2007-2009 and featured WAAPA graduates Lucy Maunder (2007), Gemma-Ashley Kaplan (2008) and Kate Walder (2009) writing about their first experiences in the Australian… Read more.

The Bodyguard Week 1 – Lezzgo

The Bodyguard Week 1 – Lezzgo

Performer Bree Langridge is a cast member in the Australian premiere production of The Bodyguard and she joins the AussieTheatre team as guest columnist to give a special insight into the life of a Swing in a major musical. Follow Bree’s journey as she pens a weekly diary about her learning process, the rehearsal room, preparing to cover… Read more.

How to deal with fame. Rachel Cole with Osher Günsberg

Osher Gunsberg

Every professional industry is its own little world, with power structures, behaviour codes, systems and celebrities. The behaviour codes backstage at the Capitol Theatre are very different to a corporate office. Backstage, my bottom gets slapped approximately 48 times a day. When I used to work in Psychology Research, a solitary pinch would see you… Read more.