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The Events – Belvoir Season

Catherine McClements & One World Choral. Image: Brett Boardman.

Claire (Catherine McClements) is an Anglican minister and director of the church choir. After a mass shooting erupts at choir practice, she tries to come to terms with the aftermath. This is Belvoir’s The Events. It is a story that has become all too familiar in contemporary society with horrors like the one that inspired… Read more.

Malthouse: The Glass Menagerie

Pamela Rabe & Rose Riley. Photo by Pia Johnson

The narrator tell us The Glass Menagerie is a memory play. The narrator is also a character in the play. He is also a thinly-veiled version of playwright Tennessee Williams. Currently at Malthouse Theatre, actor Luke Mullins draws the audience into the play and then into the home of Tom, his mother Amanda (Pamela Rabe)… Read more.

Review: Jasper Jones – Belvoir St Theatre

Jasper Jones at Belvoir. Photo by Lisa Tomasetti.

Beneath a giant tree, branches reaching out across the sky, sit two teenagers: bookish Charlie (Tom Conroy) and outcast-troublemaker Jasper Jones (Guy Simon). They have never hung out before; Jasper is a loner, and Charlie is a little too square to strike up such an alliance as this. But they have bonded quickly. A girl… Read more.

Your Sunday afternoon zen: Zindzi Okenyo and “Just a Story”

Zindzi Okenyo and Nathan O'Keefe in Masquerade. Photo by Brett Boardman.

Zindzi Okenyo is an explosion of creativity. Just this year, you might have seen her (among other things!) on stage in Griffin Theatre’s Masquerade, Darlinghurst Theatre Co’s Gaybies, or Sydney Theatre Company’s Boys Will be Boys. You might have caught her on TV, on Play School. Or you might have heard the mystic neo-soul music she produces and performs as Okenyo…. Read more.

Oi Taylor Swift, Let These Aussie Theatre Legends use ‘Shake it Off’ in their play

Belvoir's Seventeen. Image by Brett Boardman

Have you seen the news? Sydney’s Belvoir Street Theatre company are petitioning Taylor Swift (or anyone who can get in touch with ‘her Royal Swiftiness‘, according to to convince them to grant the rights to her pop anthem ‘Shake it Off’ in their production of Seventeen, which opens tomorrow night. Seventeen is about a group of teenagers… Read more.

Review: The Dog/The Cat, Belvoir

The Dog/The Cat. Image by Brett Boardman.

A sense of delight is unfolding nightly in The Dog/The Cat, a new double bill comprised of a play by Brendan Cowell (The Dog) and one by Lally Katz (The Cat). Gently, thematically related, this is a double bill done right: a sweet, complementary marriage of theatrical storytelling. Ralph Myers, Belvoir’s outgoing artistic director, both directs… Read more.

Mother Courage and her Children – Belvoir

Mother Courage and Her Children.

Michael Gow’s new translation of Mother Courage and her Children is an amiable one and Eamon Flack’s production for Belvoir is courageous, but Brecht’s political theatre (unsurprisingly) just doesn’t have enough heart to move its audience. There’s singing and dancing and cursing and laughing and crying but audiences are left with a gaping hole in… Read more.

The Wizard of Oz — Belvoir

Emily Milledge stars in The Wizard of Oz. Photo by Brett Boardman.

It started with a dog, in a perspex case, alone on stage. It ended with an elderly ‘Dorothy’ (Eileen Kramer) dancing in a wheelchair. What happened in between made no more sense. Adena Jacobs’ novel appropriation of Frank L. Baum’s classic folklore The Wizard of Oz is a wordless, for the most part, loosely plotted,… Read more.

Review: Blue Wizard, Belvoir

Nick Coyle in Blue Wizard. Image by Lisa Tomasetti.

When Blue Wizard (Nick Coyle), an intergalactic traveller from a crystal planet where everyone is gay and a different colour (the beige Wizards have the gift of renovation, for example, while the blue have flirting, fucking, and dance) lands on Earth, he tries to make the best of it. He’s been sent to Earth, the… Read more.

Video: Belvoir wishes you a merry Christmas, adorably

Belvoir gets in the Christmas spirit!

Eden Falk, currently appearing in Belvoir’s heartwarming take on A Christmas Carol, has put together Belvoir’s Christmas message this year, and it’s just as lively and uplifting as the play itself. Watch actors, directors, Belvoir staff, and more (keep your eyes peeled for your favourites!) sing us “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, in a sweet… Read more.