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2013 Sydney Theatre Awards Announced

2013 Sydney Theatre Awards Announced

The Sydney Theatre Award nominations for 2013 were announced this week as part of the annual selection of shows by eight of Sydney’s most respected Theatre critics. Over thirty-seven different productions from the calendar year of 2013 are up for nominations in twenty-six different categories, with new categories added in 2013 to allow the celebration… Read more.

Review: Ensemble's The Glass Menagerie

A truly great play, is a delicate and fragile thing. The luminaries who write them come once in a generation – if we're lucky. Somehow their words manage to capture something – some spirit or expression previously unspoken and so they enter the public lexicon. Their work achieves the heady title of masterpiece in collective gratitude… Read more.

Nicki Bloom looks to Land and Sea

Brink Productions is about to present the world premiere of Nicki Bloom’s intimate and immersive play, Land & Sea. Nicki is a young playwright of national renown having recently completed commissions for several of Australia’s major theatre companies, including Sydney Theatre Company, Belvoir, and Griffin Theatre Company.  Her debut play Tender was first produced by… Read more.

Life Is Impossible

  Life Is Impossible is the latest of Writer/Director Paul Gilchrist’s works in what seems to be a running theme of “young girl overseas who runs into some sort of trouble and possesses a strong moral compass.