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MTC: Endgame

Julie Forsyth & Rhys McConnochie. Photo by Jeff Busby

There’s a double page in the program for the MTC’s Endgame titled “explantion”. It’s about modernism, Absurdism and finding meaning in Samuel Beckett’s writing. It’s great for post-show conversations but it doesn’t talk about the possibility of losing yourself in Beckett’s world and not giving a toss about meaning. For me, the…

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NEON: Dangerous Liaisons

Alexanda Aldrich. Photo by Sarah Walker

The second NEON Festival of Independent Theatre opens with the dazzling high-camp, glitter-bright, subversion of Stephen Nicolazzo’s Little Ones Theatre. Dangerous Liaisons is a 1985 play (which won lots of awards) by Christopher Hampton that’s based on Pierre Choderlos De Lacos’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, a late-18th century novel consisting of letters between the characters. Being a…

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Midsumma: Psycho Beach Party

Psycho Beach Party. Photo by Sarah Walker

Hot diggity! If Psycho Beach Party isn’t the most hip, groovy and neat-o hit of Midsumma, then I’ve got no idea what people like. Full of lust, longing and psychotic shaving, it proves that you don’t have to be a queen to be camp or be gay to be queer.…

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Worth inspecting

House + A-1 Rolling Steak House

As an audience member, one appeal of a Fringe festival is the possibility of being stretched by the unfamiliar. This is the case in House + A-1 Steak House, a double bill from playwright Richard Maxwell of the New York City Players, billed as an “exciting night of theatrical absurdity,…

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I love that theatre like this exists

Triangle. Photo by Sarah Walker

Lesbian vampires. Do I need to say more? Lesbian vampires in North Fitzroy. A play with lesbian vampires, set in North Fitzroy, performed in an empty North Melbourne (really Kensington) warehouse by MKA. What more could you want? And there is more. There’s Piedimontes (the greatest worst supermarket), Chopper, Vince Colosimo, 4WDs…

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This is why we go to theatre

This is why we go to theatre

sex.violence.blood.gore is all flushed-flesh pink and delicate ivory lace, which makes it even sexier and gorier and gorgeous. First performed in Singapore in 1999 in a basement in secret, Melbourne’s first production is in a secret warehouse in North Melbourne and, like all wonderful Melbourne secrets, you need a map to…

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Tuesday on my mind

Tuesday, MKA, photo by Sarah Walker

I saw a lot of theatre last week, but there was only one show that left me excited about theatre. And there’s still time to see it! What haven’t I said about MKA? They consistently show new writing that makes me fall in love with plays all over again and…

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