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Conversations with the Gods

Conversations with the gods

Written and performed by James McCaughey, Conversations with the Gods about their Deaths & Other Matters (Part I) is a series of stylish (and somewhat bizarre) monologues based around our fraught relationship with the deities we have worshipped through history. The simple set design effectively establishes the scene for this…

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Review: Cuckoo

Cuckoo. Photo by Lachlan Woods

Jane Miller completed Cuckoo as part of the Masters of Writing for Performance at VCA. Produced with the support of fortyfivedownstairs, it’s beautiful writing that lets hope shine in its blackness and continues to establish Miller as one of Melbourne’s most exciting independent writers. Mel (Natalie Carr) and Leo (Matthew Molony) are a middle-aged…

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Young & Jackson

Young & Jackson. Photo by Sarah Walker

Don Reid’s Young & Jackson is a tribute play of sorts. It’s a testimonial to Melbourne during World War II, to the pub it’s named after, and to the play that follows (Codgers, also by Reid). As such, it’s difficult to place Young & Jackson as a stand-alone work. There’s…

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Hoy Polloy: Johan Padan and the Discovery of the Americas

Steve Gome

Written by the agitprop and comedic mastermind Dario Fo, Johan Padan and the Discovery of the Americas is Hoy Polloy and Terra Incognita’s re-telling of the Christopher Columbus voyage. The story follows one Venetian fugitive, Johan Padan (Steve Gome) an unwitting explorer, who meets hundreds of characters, learns new languages…

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45Downstairs: Dreamers

Dreamers. Photo by  Jeff Busby. Jonathan Taylor, Natasha Herbert, Nicholas Bell, Paul English, Marco Chiappi and Brigid Gallacher

I wasn’t in Melbourne when the Keene/Taylor project was the darling of this city’s independent theatre scene (1997–2002), so it’s a joy to see Mary Lou Jelbart’s fortyfivedownstairs brings writer Daniel Keene and director Ariette Taylor back together with Dreamers. Dreamers. Photo by Jeff Busby. Jonathan Taylor, Natasha Herbert, Nicholas Bell, Paul…

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Master class is a master class

Maria Mercedes

Today’s performance of Master Class at fortyfive downstairs has sold out but if you book now, you might be able to get in before it finishes on Thursday. Terrance McNally’s play Master Class opened on Broadway in 1995. It’s based on the series of master classes presented by Maria Callas at the Julliard School in…

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