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Blood Brothers – hear the tale of the Johnson Twins

Blood Brothers

With Willy Russell’s iconic West End musical Blood Brothers in full swing at Melbourne’s Chapel-Off-Chapel until April 6, AussieTheatre took time out to hear from the Johnson Twins – Gareth Keegan and Matthew Bradford. The actors playing the twins (as alike born as two new pins) the tough questions about writer Willy Russell, leading lady… Read more.

Manilla Street: Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers revolves around a pair of twins, Mickey and Edward, who are separated from birth. The children’s lives are told through the frame of a series of collisions between binary opposites starting when their mother, Mrs Johnstone, cannot afford to keep both boys and gives Edward away to Mrs Lyons, her wealthy employer. The… Read more.

Atlantis: Robinson’s new musical premieres in Australia

Queensland born Matthew Robinson is a Pratt Prize winning composer/lyricist with both a prestigious Churchill Fellowship and an Australia Council Music Fellowship to his name. Editor Erin James spoke with Robinson about the upcoming world premiere concert of his new musical Atlantis in Melbourne on February 23, how he writes musicals and more… “I like to… Read more.

Production Company: The Pirates of Penzance

Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta The Pirates of Penzance was first performed in New York on 31 December 1879. It proceeded to have a highly successful run that would fix the style of the piece for almost a hundred years. A rethinking of the work lead to the acclaimed 1981 Broadway version of Pirates, restaged for… Read more.

Midsumma: Gaybies

Gaybies is on its way to being an important piece of theatre that shakes up stale and dull opinions. Opening at Midsumma, it’s singing show tunes with the choir, but there couldn’t be better and more fabulous audience to introduce this work to. Created by music theatre director/creator Dean Bryant, Gaybies is the first work commissioned by the… Read more.

Moonshadow – video interview and show footage

Moonshadow – video interview and show footage

We captured the first glimpses of Moonshadow last week at the Princess Theatre Melbourne at a special media event. Starring Gareth Keegan and Gemma-Ashley Kaplan (both featured in the video) the show features 40 songs penned by Cat Stevens including ‘Father and Son’, ‘Wild World’ and ‘Moonshadow’ We also had a chat with cast Members… Read more.

Only if you do ‘Remember the days’

As carbon under the right conditions might form an appealing – but not always perfect – diamond, the elements of Moonshadow combine, maybe with the odd flaw, to give a production that will have a handsome sparkle for many beholders. It is a happy circumstance that the singer/songwriter once known as Cat Stevens, now Yusuf… Read more.

Moonshadow’s magical photo feature

Moonshadow’s magical photo feature

The cast of Moonshadow, the brand new musical penned by Yusuf (Cat Stevens) are preparing to give their world premiere opening night performance this evening at Melbourne’s beautiful Princess Theatre on Spring Street. Featuring over 40 classic songs Yusuf penned as Cat Stevens including ‘Father and Son’, ‘Wild World’ and the title song ‘Moonshadow’, the… Read more.

Over the moon: Moonshadow prepares for opening

According to the Moon Countdown, the world premiere of Moonshadow by Yusuf will take place in 2 days and anticipation is building in the lead up to Australia’s second world premiere musical this month. The new musical epic is set to open on Thursday 31 May at the Princess Theatre Melbourne starring Gareth Keegan, Gemma-Ashley… Read more.