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Glory Box, ten year anniversary

Moira Funicane

Ten years ago I saw The Burlesque Hour in the Famous Spiegeltent on St Kilda Road. Moira Finucane, Azaria Universe and Umi Umiumare (and the Town Bikes); I was blown away and I still haven’t seen anything like it. Many try, and are bloody wonderful, but they don’t find that bit of me that says…

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Glory Box Paradise

Glory Box, Moira Finucane. Photo by Carla Gottgens

“Art is fueled by passion, liquor and unrealistic expectations.” Welcome to Glory Box Paradise and the ninth year of Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith's subversive and celebratory burlesque where the passion is as potent as any cocktail and unrealistic expectations are turned into exquisite beauty. anabolics Is there anything left to be said…

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Midsumma: Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque

Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque

The hardest shows to review are often the ones that stand head and shoulder above the rest. I mean what do I say about Finucane & Smith’s Caravan Burlesque? It’s high energy, clever and uproariously funny, showcasing the ever-consummate Finucane and a bunch of bawdy cohorts who are every bit…

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