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The courage of creativity


I want to delve further into the concept and action of creativity. And perhaps even to the furthest branch of brain-bending constructs: ‘purpose’. I talked in my first essay about child-like openness, play, and the ease with which children go out and create, or pursue their dreams and how we…

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Between Dreams and Reality


I guess I’ve always wanted the opportunity to document. To write. I’ve always wanted to be able to write a magnificent novel, but that endeavour always felt too enormous. So I wrote short stories, but I wasn’t sure what their larger purpose was… So here I am attempting to ‘document’…

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5 things you shouldn’t do in a theatre → Video


As part of her new video series, Sophie Wright takes us through 5 things audiences members should avoid when attending a theatrical performance. Sophie writes a wellness blog for performers and creative types and also contributes to AussieTheatre. Her AussieTheatre blog is titled Sophie Wright’s Wicked Wellness and her personal website name recently chanced to Create…

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Cassie Tongue joins Sydney Theatre Awards voting panel

Cassie Tongue

AussieTheatre’s Deputy Editor Cassie Tongue has been named as the latest member on the Sydney Theatre Awards voting panel. The Sydney Theatre Awards are run by a group of theatre critics to celebrate the strength, quality and diversity of theatre in Sydney, including Elissa Blake (Sun Herald), Jason Blake (Sydney…

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