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HELIUM: Dance for me, Salome

Salome. Photo by Sarah Walker

“Dance for me, Salome!” Never has Oscar Wilde been so gay – and he was in prison for sodomy and gross indecency when his play Salome was first performed in 1896.  Little Ones Thearte’s HELUIM-season production of Wilde’s Salome is so gloriously indecent that if it were performed in the 1890s, cast, producers, audience…

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Midsumma: Psycho Beach Party

Psycho Beach Party. Photo by Sarah Walker

Hot diggity! If Psycho Beach Party isn’t the most hip, groovy and neat-o hit of Midsumma, then I’ve got no idea what people like. Full of lust, longing and psychotic shaving, it proves that you don’t have to be a queen to be camp or be gay to be queer.…

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Two By Two

Zahra Newman, Gary Abrahams and Paul Blenheim

As it’s Saint Valentine’s Day week, it’s a commercial glut of glittery hearts and factory roses as we’re told to face the future as the gods intended: as a wholesome twosome. Blah to that; celebrate instead by going to fortyfive downstairs to see Little One’s Theatre’s Two by Two. It’s…

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