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Red Stitch: The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas

Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

Dennis Kelly’s cautionary morality fable of corporate greed, corruption and an insatiable hunger for power at any cost, The Ritual Slaughter of Gorge Mastromas, is superbly executed in the first offering of Red Stitch Actors Theatre’s 2015 season. From the moment we are ushered into the space – a perfect…

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The Flock and the Nest

The cast from St Michael's Grammar School

St Michael’s Grammar School is next door to the Red Stitch theatre and when the school approached the theatre company to collaborate on a production, it was impossible to say no. Working with director Gary Abrahams and playwright Glynn Roberts, The Flock and the Nest was developed specifically for and with the cast…

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Red Stitch: Grounded

Kate Cole

See Grounded for Kate Cole’s performance or for the writing or to be reminded how theatre can creep into your heart with a mixture of hurt and happiness that makes you feel a little bit more alive. Grounded is a monologue about an American fighter pilot who is already far away and thinking…

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Red Stitch: This Year’s Ashes

This Year's Ashes

Ellen has moved out of Melbourne into a new apartment in Sydney: a city that she hates everything about. Complications arise when her father, who has been away for two years, arrives unannounced. This Year’s Ashes, at Red Stitch, revolves around the relationship between Ellen and her father, with sporadically placed…

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Red Stitch: NSFW

NSFW. Photo by Jodie Hutcinson

NSFW is a thought-provoking play by English writer Lucy Kirkwood, who, at 29, has already received a string of awards for her writing. First presented at the Royal Court Theatre in London last year, Red Stitch were quick of the mark to present it in Melbourne. NSFW (not being in…

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Red Stitch: Roam

Roam. Photo by Jodie Hutchinson.

Adam J A Cass’s Roam was developed through the Red Stitch Writers Program. Like his very successful I Love You, Bro (first seen at the 2007 Fringe), it’s about remembering that no matter how anonymous we play on the internet, there’s a person behind every hot game avatar, flattering wink and bitchy comment. Johnny (Tim…

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Red Stitch: Herding Cats with Ngaire Dawn Faire

Ngaire Dawn Fair. Photo by Sarah Walker

Red Stitch present the Australian premiere of Herding Cats by UK writer Lucinda Coxon. Opening this week, it’s 2010–11 UK productions won the acclaim of critics and it was shortlisted for writing awards.  It’s described as bleak with shards of black humour and The Guardian said “see it and shudder”.…

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Red Stitch: About Tommy

Matthew Whitty in Tommy. Photo Jodie Hutchinso

When the techie has to start the applause at the end of a show, you know it wasn’t a good night. I missed the super supportive opening night of Red Stitch’s About Tommy, so saw it with regular punters and it was one of those nights when something was missing. Tommy is…

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Red Stitch 2013: Tim Ross

Tim Ross

Red Stitch’s first show for 2013 is 4000 Miles by Amy Herzog. It explores the relationship between a grandson who can’t face his life and a grandmother who struggles to remember hers and starts Julia Blake and Red Stitch ensemble members Ngaire Dawn and Tim Ross. Before moving to Melbourne,…

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Perfect Midsummer night at Red Stitch

Midsummer: Ella Caldwell & Ben Prendergast. Photo by Jodie Hutchinson

It's a tale about 30-something angst with accents, so it has to be in the Red Stitch season – but Midsummer is as welcome and gorgeous as a warm turquoise day under a shady tree with a shamelessly expensive picnic basket with your best friends, and your favourite musician turns up with a…

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