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Win Tickets to Leo at the Sydney Opera House

What would happen if the laws of gravity were to suddenly change? AussieTheatre is excited to have 5 Double Passes to giveaway to Leo at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday 28th June 2014. Dancing on the ceiling like Fred Astaire, scaling the walls like Spiderman and floating mid-air like an Indian guru – escape with… Read more.

Review: Opera Australia’s Carmen

Carmen’s passion strikes you full force. By word, by deed and through it’s famous score, it’s a crazed tale of misbegotten adventure with the good corrupted and vanquished at every turn by the deadliest of all mortal emotions: l’amour. In a world of earthen tones where the sun beats down by day and the flames… Read more.

The Magic Flute

What is a Julie Taymor production so far as the modern theatre is concerned? An incontestable powerhouse of influence, famed director Taymor’s creativity for design has always seemed to be at its strongest when she has been called upon to re-imagine a classic. And though her most notable work of the music theatre The Lion King is packing… Read more.

Review: La Traviata, Opera Australia

In Opera Australia's season commemorating the bicentennial of the birth of composer Giuseppe Verdi, La Traviata cannot help but stand out. A famous opera, yes, it also possesses a story that has inspired so many classic tales in modern culture. Its characters and archetypes are easily identifiable and it remains in that special place between… Read more.

Red Carpet Feature – 2013 Helpmann Awards

Red Carpet Feature – 2013 Helpmann Awards

AussieTheatre’s Digital Team were at the Sydney Opera House to capture sights and sounds from the 13th Annual Helpmann Awards! Take a peek at some of our snaps from the Red Carpet – we hope they tide you over until the videos are edited and online!

The return of South Pacific

Last month, AussieTheatre attended an exclusive lunch with Lisa McCune, Christine Anu and Gyton Grantley, hosted by Opera Australia to celebrate the return of South Pacific to the Sydney Opera House. We got their thoughts on the show and the upcoming season. When Opera Australia announced in late 2011 they were to co-produce South Pacific… Read more.

Don Pasquale – Opera Australia

Opera Australia seems to have mixed luck when it comes to staging comic operas. Often they manage to produce work that has joy, fine comedic performances and speaks to our irreverent Australian sense of humour. But occasionally they fall short, especially in revivals where the original director hasn’t been around to drive the performances. This… Read more.