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What a Season! – Our Highlights of Belvoir 2014

Jada Alberts.

Belvoir Theatre this week announced its season for 2014 and here are our picks from their sensational line up of plays for the new year. From humble origins Belvoir has grown to be a part of the national professional theatre scene and is often custodian of the zeitgeist, producing material…

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Review: Ensemble's The Glass Menagerie

Vanessa Downing, Tom Stokes, Eric Beecroft and Catherine McGraffin in The Glass Menagerie. Image by Natalie Boog

A truly great play, is a delicate and fragile thing. The luminaries who write them come once in a generation – if we're lucky. Somehow their words manage to capture something – some spirit or expression previously unspoken and so they enter the public lexicon. Their work achieves the heady title…

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Complex and fragile – The Glass Menagerie


In 1944 a young Tennessee Williams rose to fame with his breakthrough play: The Glass Menagerie. Williams is now considered one of the most influential and pre-eminent playwrights of the twentieth century and The Glass Menagerie: an American classic. It is said that for Tennessee Williams, “everything in his life…

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Red Carpet rolled out for Tennessee Williams classic

Behind the scenes at a Red Carpet after-party

State Theatre Company of South Australia is in production for the Tennessee Williams classic, The Glass Menagerie due to open this week. The season will include the first of STCSA’s Red Carpet events for 2012, offering a unique performance experience for theatregoers in their 20s and 30s. Red Carpet is…

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