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The Prince

Peter Fock as Machiavelli

The Prince is a one-act play superbly written and directed by Rachel Hogan, with its two actors – Peter Fock as Machiavelli and Nicola Tydale-Biscoe as Marietta – giving transformative performances. It offers insight into what it means to be human in a complex political world as well as the political dangers of being too insightful. The… Read more.

Golem – Adelaide Festival

1927's Golem

Lets get this out of the way up front: nothing, no combination of meagre words, can convey the magic and technical brilliance of 1927’s Golem. This really is the type of production that, above all, must be seen. 1927, a UK based production company, have developed an intriguing and mesmerising tale based upon a character… Read more.

Deluge – Adelaide Festival

Deluge – Adelaide Festival

In a world where we are constantly absorbing avalanches of information from all sides, Deluge seeks to pummel us with even more. From its innovative use of an under-utilised space to its five simultaneous storylines, Deluge certainly gives its audience plenty to think about, perhaps even too much. But for a story aimed at a… Read more.

The Production Company 2016 season confirmed

The Production Company 2016 season confirmed

The Production Company have announced the three musicals featuring in their 2016 season this morning. Music Theatre darling Amy Lehpamer, Australia’s favourite leading man Simon Gleeson and veteran of the stage Caroline O’Connor are the top billed performers in Jeanne Pratt’s eclectic season. For more details, visit

Scotch and Soda: Adelaide Fringe

Scotch And Soda

This show is one of the top class circus / music shows getting around. And as I said last time I saw (and reviewed) one – there are so many now that given the in fashion genre, one has to be excellent to stand out in the crowd. Scotch and Soda is excellent. Amazing circus… Read more.

A Gambler’s Guide To Dying: Adelaide Fringe

A Gambler's Guide To Dying

It took me a little while to fall fully into this finely crafted work by Gary McNair, but that’s not such a bad thing in theatre. Sometimes a good piece slowly moves over you and you become enthralled without knowing it, initially. And with this production visiting from Scotland (and with hit season in Edinburgh… Read more.

Beats on Pointe

Beats on Pointe

Wednesday night saw the official opening of Beats on Pointe at the Gasworks theatre in Albert Park, Melbourne. Curious to see how a fusion of street dance and Ballet would go, I went along. (Mainly because I was impressed that they wanted to try.) I left the ninety minute show entirely satisfied that Melbourne dance is… Read more.