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Tick Tick… Boom! Video interview with Tyran Parke

Just over a week ago, I caught up with Tyran Parke in Melbourne to chat about his newest project, The Australian Professional Premiere of Tick Tick… Boom! Parke says he is thrilled to be involved in this show: it is evident that he loves the music, the story, the concept and the colleagues with whom… Read more.

Tick Tick… Boom! explodes into Sydney

An autobiographical musical composed by Jonathan Larson – creator of the hit musical RENT – will be coming to Sydney from 12 – 16 July. TICK TICK…BOOM!, starring Tyran Parke, Melle Stewart and Justin Smith (all pictured, right) will play at the Parade Playhouse, Parade Theatre, NIDA. The show is a musical look at the… Read more.