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Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs

There’s no sense in confusing matters with complicated band names or witty show titles. Australian audiences want fair dinkum. We like to know what to expect. Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs may be a simple and self-explanatory title, but this creative collaboration between Eddie Perfect and Tripod is musically exciting, extremely funny, and anything but bland…. Read more.

Tripod featuring Eddie Perfect live at Sydney Theatre

Australian musical comedy act Tripod will be joined by theatre star Eddie Perfect for a series of performances at the Sydney Theatre as part of their Perfect Tripod Australian Songs tour. Eddie Perfect has joined Tripod for an Australian tour promoting their upcoming album Perfect Tripod: Australian Songs. Having played sold out shows in Melbourne… Read more.

A perfect combination: Perfect Tripod

Eddie Perfect, Gatesy (Steven Gates), Yon (Simon Hall), Scod (Scott Edgar)

Having long admired the work of Tripod for their impeccable timing and amusing banter I now realise how much I had underestimated their vocal ability. This show, the result of a collaboration between Eddie Perfect and Tripod, came about because the two acts were thrown together at a Paul Kelly tribute show. Together they worked… Read more.

Men of Substance – Tripod

Australian musical comedy trio, Tripod, have returned to Adelaide with their new show Men of Substance. Having entertained audiences with wit, parody and satire for sixteen years (that’s right, the band is now ‘legal’!), Tripod have moved on from their previously immature ways and grown up. Well, kinda. Scod (Scott Edgar), Yon (Simon Hall) and… Read more.