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Chris is currently performing in the International Tour of Wicked (GFO/Universal).Other theatre credits include Doctor Zhivago, The Chaos Fairy, The Pirates of Penzance, Jekyll and Hyde, and Floyd Collins. A graduate of NIDA, Chris toured the USA with the Original Cast of Frank and Bryant’s The Silver Donkey (Echelon), including playing an Off-Broadway season with The York Theatre Company. He was a Grand Finalist in the 7th Annual Cabaret Showcase and also the 2nd Aussie Theatre Rising Star Award. He can soon be seen in Gavin Creel's music video debut entitled Make Some Noise, shot on location in NYC with all profits going to Broadway Impact. TV credits include: Neighbours, Blue Heelers, Wicked Science, Guinevere Jones, Thunderstone, Carols by Candlelight and Sunrise.

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The magic is moving! Jay Laga’aia and Chris Scalzo

Following on from my recent and (so I am told) viral mega-hit interview with the incomparable Suzie Mathers – next up, I wanted to try and give you all a glimpse inside the mind of a wonderful man and a wonderful actor; our outgoing Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Mr. Jay Laga’aia. Jay joined our company… Read more.

Grateful for all things Green: Suzie Mathers and Chris Scalzo

Suzie Mathers as Glinda. Image by Maye-E Wong

Suzie Mathers is a force to be reckoned with. Every night at the top of the show, I stand in Oz on the stage right balcony, heralding with triumph the death of the Wickedest Witch there ever was.  I’m thinking about the joy and the terror, I’m thinking about the vibrato and the crescendos. Then… Read more.

Welcoming WICKED into 2014… and beyond

Jemma Rix as Elphaba in Wicked

Fellow Ozians – after an enormously notable absence (how have you possibly coped without my emerald ramblings), I am overjoyed to announce (cue brass section) the triumphant return of my Life Upon The WICKED Stage column for 2014… and beyond! For any newcomers, it’s good to see me isn’t it? Please consider this column to… Read more.

Wicked in Seoul: A new beginning

I don’t really know where to begin. One would assume to simply begin at the beginning, but it isn’t quite the beginning per se is it? It’s a new beginning in a way. It’s really more of a phase two; a second chapter perhaps? Maybe Act 2 is the most appropriate way to describe it,… Read more.

Green is Good – Up close and personal with Jemma Rix part 2

Green is Good – Up close and personal with Jemma Rix part 2

WICKED cast member Chris Scalzo continues his chat with leading lady Jemma Rix, about her journey from Elphaba standby to star of the show… Green Is Good C:  So then – how do you find yourself preparing for the show every night? J:  I normally turn up half an hour before the hour call. So… Read more.

Everyone Deserves The Chance To Fly – Festivities and Fun in 2012

Everyone Deserves The Chance To Fly – Festivities and Fun in 2012

Did you know that there are over 7000 fabrics used in WICKED’s costumes, or that WICKED Singapore’s Fiyero (David Harris) lost the Christmas Door Decoration competition to the stage management team? Chris Scalzo brings you the latest from the WICKED stage in his latest blog on!

Opening Night and a Merry Christmas from all in the Emerald City!

Chris Scalzo writes his third Life Upon The WICKED Stage blog about the much anticipated WICKED Opening Night (and the Opening Night Party!) in Singapore…. There really is something truly magical about what I do for a living. Something quite seriously remarkable. I don’t think it has anything to do with being in a show… Read more.

Organised Chaos: The Wonderful World of Backstage

This week, WICKED’s Chris Scalzo gives us sneak peak backstage at the magnificent Marina Bay Sands Theatre, Singapore. With intense technical rehearsals out of the way, The Australian WICKED Company open this Friday 9 December! Read on to discover what the WICKED cast have been up to… Well readers…we have arrived in Singapore! The land of… Read more.

The WICKED Blog Begins

So then. Here we are. You and me. Reader and writer. Our toes poised surreptitiously on the precipice of a veritable road of yellow-bricked opportunity and infinite adventure. Over the coming months, I’ll be popping up here on the site jotting some musings and meanderings on all things Oz. That’s not a typo – I… Read more.