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Falling Through Clouds

There is something incredibly relatable in wishing for the impossible and dreaming about flight. Everyone, at some point in their lives, has felt that desire for complete freedom, for something unattainable. The Last Great Hunt and PICA’s Falling Through Clouds explores impossible dreams in a way that is compelling, overwhelming, and truly unique. Created and… Read more.


Cockroaches, cocaine and candy clouds: Little Y Theatre Company and whatshesaid’s RabbitHead is wildly different from what I initially expected. This bizarre performance is a successful blending of what would happen if a bejewelled Barbie snorted a line of cocaine. The play is a performative response to Barbara Baynton’s 1896 short story The Chosen Vessel…. Read more.

As You Like It: Black Swan State Theatre Company

Not Having seen a William Shakespeare play since studying them in high school, I wasn’t entirely sure what I would be in for. Much to my delight, the Black Swan State Theatre Company’s incredible, modern take on this joyful play is endlessly engaging and wildly entertaining. Duke Senior is exiled into the Forest of Arden… Read more.

Perth Festival: The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean

In the first few moments of this performance there was some uneasy laughter, as if to ask “will Shona Reppe rely too much on the participation of the children in the audience?” Minutes later, it’s clear the performer, creator and designer of The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean, Shona Reppe, is very much in control… Read more.

Perth Fringe: Lords of Luxury

Even before the show has begun a frenzied atmosphere is looming over the stifling carnival tent. Almost from start to finish, Lords of Luxury is a side-achingly hilarious fringe performance certain to leave its audience in stitches. The Lords of Luxury comprise of Matt Saraceni, Dan Debuf, Luke Ryan and Paul Verhoeven, four tuxedo-clad comedians… Read more.

Fringe World Perth: Illyria

Having never heard of British playwright Bryony Lavery’s 2002 performance Illyria I had little idea of what I was in for. What I saw was a poetic blend of movement and captivating storytelling presented by a powerful ensemble. The Hayman Theatre Company has every reason to be proud of this stunning version of Lavery’s play…. Read more.

Crash Course: James Berlyn in association with PICA

James Berlyn’s Crash Course is an outstanding example of participatory theatre at its very best. It is simultaneously intimidating and encouraging and gives its audience a glimpse into how well they would cope should they ever need to adapt.  Remind me never to have an unspecified trauma and lose my language. James Berlyn is Jakebo,… Read more.

Verge: The Blue Room Theatre, Sally Richardson and Patrice Smith

The Blue Room has done it again. Another wildly unique performance has found its way into this humble studio space. Presented by Sally Richardson, Patrice Smith and The Blue Room Theatre Verge is a haunting and tense movement performance piece like no other I’ve seen. Completely mute, the three performers use their bodies and facial… Read more.

Trampoline: Weeping Spoon Productions and The Blue Room Theatre

Sometimes a little love story that involves useless superpowers, unexpected pizza, and monkey puppets is just what you need to have a good time. Writer / producer / performer / graphic designer Shane Adamczak’s Trampoline is offbeat and refreshing, jam-packed with laughs, and just a bit touching. The story is simple enough, if somewhat abstract…. Read more.

The Boat Goes Over The Mountain

The blurb on the Blue Room Theatre’s website for Happy Dagger Theatre’s production of The Boat Goes Over The Mountain suggests a confronting story filled with horrid darkness, however I was pleasantly surprised. Writer and sole performer Andrew Hale delivers an honestly gripping tale injected with light humour. A man with depression seeking to cleanse… Read more.